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  • The IRD have offices everywhere in NZ and the staff are great to offer good advice. Use them and don't be scared as they will save you time and more importantly money.
  • Accountants now charge you for all services including Xero--they use them but you pay for them to use Xero services.
  • Starting a company--go to the Company register and follow the steps and do not use an accountant as they will charge min $500
  • By the way just to use an accountant for a consultation fee they will never tell you up front but they will charge you another $500
  • If you have a company and wish to change the name do it yourself--save money $10.
  • If you want to put in your annual company return do it yourself $40 as against $400.
  • Do accountants give you a 3 monthly newsletter and ways to save? Do accountants offer you a list of what you can deduct--of course not?? then why use them?
  • You are just filling their pockets up and whenever you ring them for advice they will bill you unaware to you until you get the bill and have 1-2 weeks to pay?
  • Ask the accountant you want to use if they provide monthly or free consultations?
  • Ask the accountant before hand your yearly costs to do your books.
  • If a wage earner do your own IR3
  • If you get dividends then again do yourself.Just ask the IRD




  • Always ask for the up front costs before using a lawyer
  • WILLS AND CAN YOU DO ONE YOURSELF: Sure thing. Write up a will and date and witness by 2 friends who are honest and not family or cousins.
  • Never get a lawyer to sign or witness unless you want to pay $150 -$250 for a signature
  • If you use a lawyer ask the cost sometimes $1000-1500 for a simple one pager
  • Lawyers are there to make money just like the next one we talk about as thats why NZ now follows USA with CEOs and admin costs for everything? Its basically a rip off and you pay as they have no set prices and charge what they feel like charging
  • Check frr law advice service in your town or google it.


Dentist in Chiangmai Thailand cheaper than NZ




  • NZ has some of the dearest costs in the world and Dentists are one of those
  • Consultation fee $48 min in NZ --- Thailand free clean and consutation fee = $NZ20-25
  • Xrays up to $150 --compared to Thailand $NZ7
  • Tooth extraction $220-$400 in NZ. Thailand $60.
  • So what better to have a holiday and enjoy Thailand for your dental work.
  • Don't believe Thailand is a bad place. In fact Thais are cleaner than kiwis in more ways than one?? & their Dentistry is above board so don't be concerned about cleanliness. Have your optics done at the same time. Takes 5 minutes and free consultation and glasses ready that afternoon. If bi-focals then one day notice and if you want more glasses sent to NZ we can arrange with the best Optician in Chiangmai Thailand.



Want to know more then ask us. We have a Kiwi couple in Chiangmai Thailand who can assist you with hotel accommodation or a condo; free pickup; the best buffets in town to the best Dentists that will pamper you all the time you are there. Email us and lets see if we can assist you. Open to all Kiwis we can assist you. Chiangmai has 22 hospitals; 400 clinics just to say its a lot better than NZ and cheaper.




1/. We will assist you the moment you arrive in Chiangmai Thailand. Take the early morning flight from Wellington then catch Bangkok Airways late flight to Chiangmai if you wish to avoid Bangkok. Otherwise stay in Bangkok and tour the city. We can recommend the best hotels according to your budget and what to see.

2/. Once in Chiangmai we can arrange to meet you and guide you from thwe airport to your hotel or condo that you want. Again we will list the best places for you.

3/. When ready we can take you to the Dentist for whatever you want and make sure all is well with you.

4/. At night when you feel like it take you to the many buffets for Thai genuine foods to eat.

5/. All bookings via our own Travel service cheaper than most.TAT Licensed approved. Optics: have your glasses checked and ordered in one day

6/. Whatever you want to do or buy we will have a Kiwi speaking guide right by your side to look after you.

Just email us: bangkok@pobox.com



Go to Chiangmai Thailand for all optical and Dental work at a fraction of the price.

Allow us to help you and look after you


WHY ARE MANUFACTURERS & BUSINESSES LEAVING NZ: [ Read the story ] The issues are economics nothing else and many a time the owner is blamed for moving when in fact he has no say in the matter otherwise he will go bust. However read the reasons why NZ has lost the plot ---[ Compare to Thailand ] & why more factories are heading abroad now. It makes sense.[ Check WHY THAILAND ] is better for Manufacturers & any Kiwi Company. Why NZ is lost [ NZ Deficit increases ] Yes we owe money????? \\ [ Kiwi Family Savings Plan ] [ Benefit cuts good or meaningless ] [ Quit smoking-heres how ] [ Levin Business dying ] \ [ World population exploding ]



" Invest in finance companies--- crazy--- they can do what they like with your $$$$ "

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