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House Trucks in NZ & helping those with House Trucks

passing thru Levin

Section House trucks are and were very popular in NZ until the government changed the rules and made it harder to comply. But theres still gypsy trucks around and they are great fun yet are a mobil home & ideal for visiting markets and shows around NZ plus for living of course.

We own a J1 Bedford truck on our farm for those who wish to come and stay. We plan to put it on another truck chassis with diesel motor.

Check these websites for nice looking trucks:






Inside of our truck, we have solar 12volt power, water supply, fridge on gas & elctricity, cooking via gas

Easy to keep warm

Our fridge runs on gas or power.


Ideal way to see NZ is to have a house truck--can park anywhere and ideal for selling at markets etc and meeting people from NZ and travellers a round the world. With impending global disaster people will need to be self sufficient. We are doing this now as living in a town will not be the way. Work is decreasing and one must be able to survive; make items that can be sold for living as money will disappear. USA is now $17 trillion in debt--they are over the breakeven to pay their interest on loans--they can't; Japan 900 trillion YEN in debt is worse than Greece & are now printing more paper money than the Fed to deflate their baht--South Korea China etc will follow.

When it happens be prepared so network now with us & drop us a line as we are already working on ways to carry on in time of need by having our own garden, having items saleable in time of disaster etc.


[ More on house trucks ]

"You'll breath a sigh of relief when you see our old House truck "

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