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Do you use a social networking site like Facebook, Lindedin, Twitter or MySpace? Have you ever considered that danger that site could represent to your identity or that you could be trapped in cyberspace & your identity used? Most people don’t. But social networking Websites do present a problem & this is why I keep away. Gadgets are little mini-applications that give you additional functionality. But if a gadget is created by someone trying to steal identities, it could give them access to your personal information on your PC.

Social networking sites aren’t the only ones that use gadgets to add functionality. Google’s personalized home page and now even Windows Vista uses gadgets. Use caution when downloading or enabling them, though, because you never know when you might be opening your personal information up for collection. Social media sites have become a “perfect working environment” for cybercriminals because Internet users, for now, place more trust in these sites than other online tools, like email. There are several techniques for tricking users: hickjacking Facebook’s “Like” button, stealing identities to send out messages from trusted sources, exploiting vulnerabilities in Twitter to run javascript code, distributing fake apps that redirect users to infected sites & many more ideas to make your private media site not private.

But read on as you may have second thoughts on joining a social network site. As for me I have no use for joining so please don't ask me as I have enough to do just answering my emails for my business let alone telling people who I am and allowing others to use my details for whatever purpose they want.






News Corp.’s MySpace, which has about 117 million unique visitors each month, recently added an applications platform, giving developers access to the profiles of anyone who downloads them. Unlike Facebook, though, MySpace users don’t have to include their names on their profiles. This is dangerous.

Experts who track online security issues think there’s too much personal information flying around out there, with few guarantees that it’s safe just like mobile phones that can be traced to where you live; what you do and many other private matters ---and you think youre safe well thats all out the door now. Social networkers have little understanding where their information goes and how it’s used – and, as a result, have a false sense of security. There is a great possibility for third parties to gain an access to the information through applications installed on social networking sites like games and social interaction tools.Sophos Security Threat Report disclosed that almost 57% of users using social networking websites were attacked by spam, with 30% coming fro phishing assaults, up 42% as compared to 2009.

Last year, Facebook users revolted when the company started using a tool called Beacon, which tracked its users’ purchases and actions at dozens of Web sites and then broadcast the data on the pages of the users’ friends.

A social networker’s friends can, for instance, give access to personal information or photos in a profile. That happened to the call girl involved in the sex scandal with former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer. So whats stopping a call girl giving all her details about her clients for all to see? Whether the profile is private or not, users should limit the information they post. Go & check MySpace and see people who routinely list everything from their income to phone numbers on their profiles – and don’t even bother to make their profiles private. Now you see why I keep away from sopical networks as then people can use your details to spam your profile to your friends and neighbours. Wait and see as these sites run out of things to do that sooner or later those on social network sites will wake up and realize their info is being used by others for whatever gains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



If you think just social network websites are bad then think also that the mobile or Iphone you are carrying around is actually worse. All the stored information and what companies can add on these phones is also unbelievable yet you are unaware of it all. It means they can trace you wherever you are and your movements; plus your friends, where you go what you do?? beat that.


All you need is a mobile phone and you can build what’s essentially a GPS network of friends, without the need for GPS technology. Wondering whether your buddy Jim is still at work? Just log onto Google Latitude, or check Google Maps on your phone, and sure enough, Jim’s icon shows up on the map where he works. Did your best friend go missing after her date the other night? Faking a phone’s displayed number can trick access to voicemail. This technique has been used in the USA and recently in the Netherlands to get access to the voicemails of politicians. To block this attack, you need to setup a PIN to access your voicemail. By doing this you prevent automatic access to your voicemail (as if you were ringing from your own mobile). This is how the phone hacking news came about.Most voicemails have four digit passwords that are very simple to obtain. There are some really simple software programs available in the market with which any consumer can very easily crack the voicemail security password of 4 digits for any cell phone in the world. The Rupert Murdoch case saw how simple it is for cell phones to be hacked. Your privacy is now at stake & it can create confusion and miscommunication. eg.In 13 year old Milly Dowler murder case, hacking cost lives and delay of justice. Reporters hacked in to the young murder victim’s cell to find newsworthy bits and they deleted vital messages which delayed the solving of the case--great ah!!!.

iPhone, and your 3G iPad, is regularly recording the position of your device into a hidden file. The file is unencrypted and unprotected, and it's on any machine you've synched with your iOS device. It can also be easily accessed on the device itself if it falls into the wrong hands. Anybody with access to this file knows where you've been over the last year, since iOS 4 was released. Logs are kept by mobile phone companies when your phone connects with one of their masts. This is a log on your device!!!

Particularly interesting in light of the news that "The Michigan State Police have a high-tech mobile forensics device that can be used to extract information from cell phones belonging to motorists stopped for minor traffic violations. The ACLU of Michigan last Wednesday demanded that state officials stop stonewalling freedom of information requests for information on the program."


WHY ARE MANUFACTURERS & BUSINESSES LEAVING NZ: [ Read the story ] The issues are economics nothing else and many a time the owner is blamed for moving when in fact he has no say in the matter otherwise he will go bust. However read the reasons why NZ has lost the plot ---[ Compare to Thailand ] & why more factories are heading abroad now. It makes sense.[ Check WHY THAILAND ] is better for Manufacturers & any Kiwi Company. Why NZ is lost [ NZ Deficit increases ] Yes we owe money????? Why NZ is lost [ NZ Deficit increases ] Yes we owe money????? [ Government $250m a week borrowing ] [ Kiwisaver ] [ Kiwisaver good or bad Providers ] [ Transmission Gully Impact costs ] [ NZders lose out ] [ Electric Power Increase ] [ Benefit cuts good or meaningless ] [ Family budget ] [ Quit smoking-heres how ] [ Truck panel & Paint ] [ World population exploding ] [ Retirees new visa over 65 ]

"Time to budget & get rid of those credit cards "

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