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We have tip trucks ready for any section clearing. adding fill or rocks and excavators and treching machinery for all your landscaping jobs to whatever. We can offer you a free quotation on your trench work to laying & offer you a "wet hire" by the hour or by the day with our Isuzu Elf Truck. Better and cheaper than hiring a bin @ $110 min we can carry all your needs whether it be 1 hour or 1 day or 1 week up to you.

We offer cheaper rates than most as we are a small operator.

Get a quote then see if we can beat it.

Levelling for a horse area. Movins sand etc.above




Ideal Have you just bought a section and want it cleared. You have trees that need felling or removed then ask us. "Wet Truck hire" available on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.


For hire CAT 311 $100 per hour work time & cartage costs $150 per hour.

Tipper charges = $95 excluding GST. Our truck takes 11 tonne.

Tel 0212127023

Tippers for all those delivery jobs. We can clear your sections and take away cheaper than most.We are a small operation and do not charge like others.

"Check us out with free quote below"

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