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& keep scientists in work



"The environmental movement is really a political activist movement," says the Greenpeace co-founder?

"Climate Change is a Hoax ....Big Money For Scientists to get Grants....Climate Change is Welfare for Scientists!!"


The story from Mishtalk


When cosmic rays GO up, temperatures GO down.
When cosmic rays GO down, temperature GO up.

Vastly different records come together

Climate is controlled by the clouds. utifully.

TThe clouds are controlled by cosmic rays. &
The cosmic rays are controlled by the sun
It all comes down to the sun, not CO2.

Climate is controlled by the clouds.

from FB: South Island IM


The purpose of climate change alarmism is to promote global socialism. Yet the socialist politicians are not panicking to cut their own carbon footprints and live like the Amish. The politicians don't believe their own climate propaganda. Neither should anyone else. In the 1970’s it was claimed the world was facing a man made ‘Ice Age’ due to global cooling with catastrophic crop failure by the year 2000 and the world being a frozen block of ice by 2020 as a result of average global temperatures falling by as much as 7 degrees.


The UN and Al Gore and Greenpeace all need to be held accountable for libel. These are the same jack @sses that insisted the Earth was entering an ice age in the 1970s.... and the alleged cure for that was also higher taxes. Now global warming, and the alleged cure is higher taxes again? They aren't even trying to come up with believable bull sh!t.

If you are a left wing nut job and you want higher and higher taxes until there is mass rebellion, grow a pair and admit that is what you want. Stop trying to manufacture quack science to support your perpetual tax increases.

You know these nut jobs don't believe their own quack science when they have a global conference, and all the fraudsters show up in separate private jets. Many of the parasites didn't even pay for their own private jets, they had suckers (donors?) pay for all the flights. Each private jet burned more fuel on that flight than the average citizen uses in a year. The eco-terrorists don't believe their own bull sh!t.

The Paris Accord was signed by politicians who don't pay for their own gasoline, and rolled into their conference in heavily armored limos with dozens of escort vehicles, helicopters, and motor cycles for each crook. Once again, do what they say, not what they do. Onerous fossil fuel taxes for you, armored limos and massive entourages for us.

The most common greenhouse gases is CO2 or carbon dioxide. In fact, because it is so common, scientists use it as the benchmark or measure of things that warm the atmosphere.


Methane, another important GHG, for example, is 28-36 times as warming as CO2 when in the upper atmosphere (USEPA GWP – Global Warming Potential – estimate over 100 years), therefore, 1 ton of methane = 28-36 tons eCO2 or CO2 equivalents.METHANE or CH4 is produced in many combustion processes and also by anaerobic decomposition, for example, in flooded rice paddies, pig and cow stomachs, and pig manure ponds.


Nitrous oxide, NO/N2O or simply NOx a byproduct of fertilizer production and use, other industrial processes and the combustion of certain materials. Nitrous oxide lasts a very long time in the atmosphere.

Fluorinated gas came about as replacements for ozone depleting refrigerants, but it is long lasting and extremely warming GHGs

CO2  is produced any time something is burned. It is the most common GHG, constituting by some measures almost 55% of total long-term GHGs.


Climate is controlled by the clouds.


In Jan 29th 2019 President Trump wrote: In the beautiful Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded. In coming days, expected to get even colder. People can’t last outside even for minutes. What the hell is going on with Global Waming? Please come back fast, we need you!???

Now doesnt that tell you something when in NZ close to the sea the tides & the sand hills remain as they have done for the last 150 yrs without movement in from the shore line. Sure some places are prone to erosion but thats due to tidal changes & undercurrents.


Global warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants.


China is still the world’s largest polluter, with an economy that is reliant on heavy industry and an energy sector solely dependent on smog-producing coal. China’s incredible transformation can hardly be overstated BUT THEY HAVENT got that far in suppressing the emissions from the many factories or the polluted rivers, lakes and sea. They have 2 billion people to think about so ask yourself how will they handle the Climate change to appease this many. Besides how many fighting for climate change never talk about---well we have too many people on this planet??? 67 million people per year added then that adds the air condition unit in China, India even USA spiralling. Public pressure is weak, the government's actions often fail to match its rhetoric, especially when economic needs take priority & most of the lobbies are shot down as grass roots. One-party rule means freedom from electoral cycles and less need for public consultation. China is too busy making money & they forget the environmental issues and the what goes into the sea or air.









McKenzie Funk’s 2013 book, Windfall, a read on who made $$$$ from climate and begins with a 2008 faux-rainforest party for Deutsche Bank’s DWS Climate Change Fund. DWS bought into green tech like smart electric meters but also agriculture giants like Monsanto, whose genetically modified seeds would produce drought-resistant plants. A little bit of mitigation, a little bit of adaptation. One problem: By the time Funk’s book came out, the fund had been shut down for poor performance. McKenzie Funk spent six years reporting around the world on how we are preparing for a warmer planet. Funk shows the way to understand the catastrophe of global warming is to see it through the eyes of those who see it most clearly—as a market opportunity.

Global warming’s physical impacts can be separated into three broad categories: melt, drought, and deluge. Funk travels to two dozen countries to profile entrepreneurial people who see in each of these forces a potential windfall.

The melt is a boon for newly arable, mineral-rich regions of the Arctic, such as Greenland—and for the surprising kings of the manmade snow trade, the Israelis. The process of desalination, vital to Israel’s survival, can produce a snowlike by-product that alpine countries use to prolong their ski season.

Drought creates opportunities for private firefighters working for insurance companies in California as well as for fund managers backing south Sudanese warlords who control local farmland. As droughts raise food prices globally, there is no more precious asset.

The deluge—the rising seas, surging rivers, and superstorms that will threaten island nations and coastal cities—has been our most distant concern, but after Hurricane Sandy and failure after failure to cut global carbon emissions, it is not so distant. For Dutch architects designing floating cities and American scientists patenting hurricane defenses, the race is on. For low-lying countries like Bangladesh, the coming deluge presents an existential threat.

Funk visits the front lines of the melt, the drought, and the deluge to make a human accounting of the booming business of global warming. By letting climate change continue unchecked, we are choosing to adapt to a warming world. Containing the resulting surge will be big business; some will benefit, but much of the planet will suffer. McKenzie Funk has investigated both sides, and what he has found will shock us all. 





In the last quarter of 2017, Soros Fund Management reported investments in eleven new fossil fuel corporations totalling nearly $160 million, according to his company’s December 31, 2017, filing before the Securities and Exchange Commission reviewed by TheDCNF. Soros not only invested in oil and natural gas companies, but also into coal. Soros tried to position himself as an enemy of coal, stating at the 2009 Copenhagen climate change summit, “There is no magic bullet for climate change, but there is a lethal bullet: coal.” Remember when Obama shutdown coal mines nationwide? George Soros bought up Peabody for 10 cents/dollar. SNL Energy reports that Soros “opened a new equity stake in coal and gas producer CONSOL Energy Inc., purchasing about 5.1 million shares of the company.... but theres much much more.............& so much for climate change as an about turn by Soros? Yet in 2019 he backs the new initiative. Meanwhile Greenpeace says It’s the use of fossil fuels – coal oil & gas is the main culprit

Since the late 1970s, oil companies have published research broadly in line with the standard views on global warming. Despite this, oil companies organized a climate change denial campaign to disseminate public disinformation for several decades.





In 2001, Al Gore was worth under $2 million. By 2012, he made a neat $100 million as he had a leg into the US Government lobby. Gore invested in 14 green companies, who inhaled — via loans, grants and tax relief — around $2.5 billion from the federal government to go Green. Gore’s investment firm at one point held 4.2 million shares of an outfit called Iberdrola, which was building 20 wind farms across the United States. Iberdrola managed to receive $1.5 billion from the federal government & needed it as they were near bust. Gore of course had friends in the box seat so thats how he managed to get where he is today. Then along came Johnson Controls. Johnson makes batteries, including those for electric cars. Gore’s investment company, Generation Investment Management (GIM) doubled its holdings in Johnson Controls in 2008, when shares were $9 a share. GIM sold when shares cost $21 to $26 — before the market for electric-car batteries fell over.Lucky for Gore, Obama also gave $299m & now he can fly anywhere in his jet plane spewing gases for $175,000 per lecture & liver in a mansion. Not bad at all..........


Happer by the way is a physicist. He taught at Columbia University and joined the faculty at Princeton University in 1980.In 1993, the Princeton professor was taking a break from academia to direct scientific research at the U.S. Department of Energy. He turned askeptical eye toward one of then-Vice President Al Gore's favorite issues: the risks posed by chemicals eating away at ozone in the stratosphere and letting in dangerous ultraviolet radiation. As the story goes, Happer went to the White House and told Gore's staff he saw no evidence that the ozone hole actually was hurting anyone. Gore didnt like it & Happer was sacked.

Today William Happer is back in the White House, still fighting against what he considers unfounded claims that our globe is in danger. But this time, his cause is backed by the man in the Oval Office.



Elizabeth Warren sees climate change as a national security concern, an economic threat and opportunity, and the consequence of a violation of public trust. So rather than looking at climate change direct, Warren is looking at climate change through the eye of her other ideas which means she sees the problem is money in politics. This means going up against the oil companies who fleece & will come under her anti corruption bill ending lobbying. She sees that almost a quarter of US greenhouse gas emissions come from fossil fuels — oil, gas, and coal — extracted from territory administered by the federal government. Now wonder how that fits in with Soros funding & he having shares in these types of companies.Warren has a bill that would accomplish this, the Climate Risk Disclosure Act but she wants to tax the rich [sure OK but guess where the rich will place their $$$] & then wants to forgive student loans which is a Govt creation not a free market creation [ so schools etc will be free to raise the fees ]. The politics of global warming have been affected by climate change denial and the political global warming controversy, undermining the efforts to act on climate change or adapting to the warming climate



October 2019: Russia's Putin said: "Go and explain to developing countries why they should continue living in poverty and not be like Sweden," he added, before saying that it was deplorable how some groups are using Thunberg to achieve their own goals. 

Macron and his French government have warned teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg’s “radical” stance risks “depressing a generation".

Her parents push her & are ANIFA. Thunberg  filed a legal complaint accusing five countries of inaction on global warming --- but forgot about China. How come she doesn't talk about or go to China & left China out ???


Finally, a quote from Princeton physicist


William Happer (Climate Depot, 1/22/15, mirrored here: “A Noted Physicist Speaks Out”):

“…the jihad against atmospheric carbon dioxide. Like its predecessors, this cause has generated plenty of sanctimonious slogans: ‘intergenerational justice’, ‘saving the planet’, ‘sustainability’, ‘negligible carbon footprints’. In reality, the cause has brought ugly, bird-killing windmills, which have replaced the psalmist’s ‘cattle on a thousand hills’; hapless native peoples have been expelled from their from ancestral lands, sometimes at gunpoint, so wealthy corporations and foundations could claim to be saving the planet, at no small profit to themselves; fraud in the trading of carbon credits has cheated honest taxpayers. But for this cause, as for most of its predecessors, the end justifies the means. Policies to ‘stop climate change’ are based on climate models that completely failed to predict the lack of warming for the past two decades. Observational data show clearly that the predictions of unacceptable warming by more carbon dioxide are wrong…policies designed to save the planet from more carbon dioxide are based on failed computer models.”

Profits for “the right people,” however, aren’t failing.

Jon Rappoport


So as one sees the fossel fuel companies have strong lobbies & until they stop, the subject of climate change will just go on and on with no impasse made. It won't come overnght. Watch?


"Save the planet yet those who profess to saving it still spend on the very obstacles

tthat cause it---- but thats cause money is better then the world health "


Please note the writeups belong to those of their writers & promoters & all photos belong to the respective websites & owners. We publish on this website to make those aware of wildlife and birdlife species slowly being depleted & are non profit. Make the world know that wildlife deserves its place & we acknowledge those who are helping the world be a better place
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