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Kitset steel homes


Unique designs combined with good building practices are what Kabinworks Homes is all about.  At Gian Homes every client and every design is unique.  If we design and construct your home you can be guaranteed it is a one off, we will never build the same design again.
An example of this is the property featured here.  The client wanted a clean, fresh, modern, and easily maintainable property. See above pic

  • 128 square meters of living space
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 En-suite guest bathrooms
  • Open plan living room

Western kitchen
Beautiful landscaped gardens to the front of the property, as well as three-meter high slot windows disguise the fact that there are no standard windows to the front.  While to add light and still remain private the whole rear of the property has been glazed with full height sliding doors overlooking a walled garden.  After much consultation and planning the end result is a stunningly bright fresh interior that pleasantly shocks guests as they enter.




In this render of another property you can see that our clients requirements can be very diverse and we can make to client specs and your designs.  This client wanted a modern look combined with a traditional Bali-style courtyard and entranceway.


Our design once again prove that they can meet the challenges in turning client wants and desires into reality. More pics to follow soon




KITSET SHOPS complete to your specs


Our parent company runs shipping, trading services, building portable homes in Thailand and we are not partnering to bring cheaper and effeicient services back to New Zealand home owners. The costs and services in New Zealand are now on overload but we wish to change this by offering our customers somethingnoone else does.









Being able to buy your building supplies off us direct imports from Thailand.

NEW relocatable fully weather proof homes & containers made in Bangna Bangkok by our Australian company. Thailand. solid steel construction ribbing /or aluminium sheeting/ able to withstand Category 1 & 3 all weather storms, cyclones and and we can make to your specifications. Ideal kitsets or knock down Can be moved via truck and ideal for mobile Offices, granny flats, jails, mobile offices, mobile shops, schools, apartment motels to anything you wish to imagine. We can incorporate any features you wish including storm steel shutters to windows;



Our 2 storey 4 bedroom home. Just ask us about prices. We have our own shipping company as well and can ship to Wellington with special rates Wellington to Palmerston North. Other rates anywhere else we can arrange.

 In-house design and engineering department can provide plans as well as designs to offer exactly what our customer requires. Advice on materials, air conditioning or heating and ventilation requirements determined by location and expected weather conditions.

  • Standard Units.
    • Toilet blocks. Various sizes from 1 single facility up to 36sq meter units catering to mixed-use shower / toilet modules.
  • Office modules,outdoors, or constructed inside factory buildings
    • Construction site modules from 54 cubic meters to 90 cubic meter units of varying levels of luxury.
  • Construction to 3 story level
  • Canteen Modules.
  • Carports
  • Fencing for security or as aesthetic dividers
  • Kitchen units.
  • Storage units.
  • Shade areas for outside living and BBQ areas
  • Tiny Homes,contained living units​
  • Bungalows​
  • Hotel Bedroom units
  • Guard houses
  • Cube System

The system basically comprises of in-house factory made components that simply slot together to form a framework that can be created in any number of designs. The walls, ceiling and floor panels are simply slotted into place during the process. Apertures are precut into the panels for all windows, doors, etc. Electrical requirements added after construction of the units by use of trunking, allowing for easy installation and maintenance.

All constructed panels are insulated.

We create flat packed components that are cost effective to transport.

Simple to construct in any and all environments with even the most basic of tools.To provide a safe habitat that would protect the occupants in any environment.Be cost effective and have an extended life expectancy.Be flexible enough to create any structure from a simple shelter, emergency hospital facility to a permanent dwelling.

* 75 % deposit on contract, balance on completion.

* Date given from deposit for start construction to completion date.

* We only strife for 100 % + customer satisfaction.

* We supply our products to local market and export to all countries. 





Ideal disaster relief homes or plain living quarters. Each unit comes complete with full international approved electrical fittings; caravan type outside connection or with splitter box inside and each unit has a fully functional new air condition unit. The outside ribbing is made of toughened steel and these buildings are virtually maintenance free with low pitched roof or tom your standards. They can be moved in an instance by helicopter or truck & they can have any additions one wants. Totally robust and strong we can incorporate any fittings and fixtures you want




We can design for you earthquake & storm foundation specs for countries prone to cyclones etc. We can incorporate any features you wish including storm shutters for windows and doors as well as High wind regions to Council specs including plumbing and wiring standards.

Check our shipping costs




We make and ship mobile homes and container homes anywhere in NZ and the Pacific Islands. Ideal for making jails for inmates, offices, hotels to mobile motels etc. We can even load furnishings inside the containers for you. Have a look at them:


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