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New Zealand

Gian Pacific Group under KPS International Trade (Thailand) Co,.Ltd.
have now branched out to New Zealand offering competitive prices for the "Home" services industry in NZ & Logistics & Shipping Services.

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WE ARE THE DIRECT IMPORT AGENTS FOR Gian kitset homes,outhouses, bachs cheaper than made in NZ yet up to Council specs & cyclone specs & you can plan with our engineers as well incorporating your designs of interior fittings like toilet, shower vanities,plus we can meet all electrical stadards.

We are Australian owned and managed.

We export worldwide and now can supply anywhere in NZ right to your section, farm or where ever even to the islands


NZ /Thai owned --check Asia Trading Post. We sell containers in Bangkok

wanting to buy a container to bring home


Look whats happening in the world today as USA lives on a printing press as does Japan & the Yen may be close to disaster. Year 2021--an Economy crash in USA or close to it will occur & will revert around the world.

If you have ideas or wish to send us news please use the email at the bottom.

Commodity Importers & suppliers of Bus & : truck tyres, rice, our own Arabica 100% Cabana Coffeee to charcoal suppliers & Garments.



We supply Laos Arabica Coffee






Every year we import direct from our master Company and can supply builders with everything from wall linings, to whatever you want. We have our own warehouse in Bangkok & distribution. We also supply direct to you the house holder items like neutral screen cabling at better rates than you will get anywhere as well as TOA house paint, truck tyres, Komatsu mini excavator parts, neutral screen cables, gib board & SEFTCO industrial paints, & made to measure verandah overhangs etc.


We are direct importers into NZ for any business wanting to use our services

from Bangkok Thailand or China. We offer customs clearances & imports

China to Thailand with agents world wide

We can make to your specs as well right to NZ standards.

Building Mega structures in Thailand is part of the Gian Pacific business





Helping the world to be a better place


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