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Thailand Importers







Primate monkey sanctuary



Above pic copyright of National Geographic






The pics are from a Primate Sanctuary

we assist on the Myanmar/Thai border area

The Assam macaque (Macaca assamensis) is a macaque of the Old World monkey family native to South and Southeast Asia. Since 2008, the species has been listed as Near Threatened by IUCN, as it is experiencing significant declines due to hunting, habitat degradation and fragmentation.


Gibbon one left of two.



Northern pigtail macaque - Macaca leonina .

These monkeys cannot be left in the wild due to being poached by hunters & eaten.

They have got so used to man




The stump-tailed macaque’s features are its long reddish brown coat as well as a pronounced red face and a very short stump for a tail. They are in very large cages with excellent runs & well looked after by our Australian & Japanese friends




Assam Macaque (Macaca assamensis) One monkey managed to escape and after looking for it we found

it was killed by a villager & eaten sad to say.




These primates are all looked after by 2 foreign care givers over a period

of 30 years. They pay themselves & are not sponsored by anyone or any organization




Other additions were a pet bat who only had one wing & a Macaw that was

given by a US couple returning to the states




It is hard to track how many monkeys are left in Myanmar/ Thai border today as villagers still capture them. We hope to make people more aware that these animals have a right to live as man daily takes away their homeland


Decades ago, blue-and-gold macaws fleeing drought and wildfire landed in mid west Campo Grande Brazil & now the numbers are rising. The local people love and care for them


Wildlife was often sold in Thai markets especially Chatuchuk in Bangkok & border towns but this has since slowed due to the Thailand Government realizing they need to be saved. Often you will see people using wildlife animals for show & having pics taken but please do not associate with any of this.




The National Geographic Society is an impact-driven global nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. Since 1888, National Geographic has been pushing the boundaries of exploration, investing in bold people and transformative ideas to increase understanding of our world and generate solutions for a healthy, more sustainable future for generations to come. Our ultimate vision: a planet in balance. To learn more about the Society and its programs, visit www.nationalgeographic.org.


The National Geographic Photo Ark, led by photographer Joel Sartore, is a multiyear effort to document every species living in wildlife sanctuaries, inspire action through education, and help save wildlife by supporting on-the-ground conservation efforts. Visit NatGeoPhotoArk.org to learn how you can help save species at risk. See more here: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/projects/photo-ark/


The giant ant eater of South America are becoming a rearity


Why wildlife must be protected not only from poaching

but by mans intent to control the earth


For five years, African rhinos have been poached at a rate of three per day. Overall, two-thirds of the world’s five rhino species could be lost in our lifetime. White rhinos are the primary target of poaching gangs in Africa; births are just barely outpacing deaths. In 2018, the death of the last male northern white rhino, a member of a functionally-extinct subspecies of white rhino was a wake up call. The rhino lived in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where wild populations are decimated by militant armies & poachers for money.





In Thailand the hornbill one of the most spectacular birds are now down to less than 100 as China's appitite for the horn increases just like the rhino. These birds pair up for life & have one baby each year. The male feeds the female & without the male sadness starts......one needn't tell you what happens. These birds & many others need to be saved now.


Thailand now has only 100 helmeted hornbills (Rhinoplax vigil); due to illegal hunting, and urgent intervention is needed, the Wildlife Conservation Office (WCO) said.

Wildlife officials said they have been cooperating with the Hornbill Research Foundation of Mahidol University. Conducting research on their nesting activities and behavior so that a preventative plan can be worked out to save them. The department has formed a special patrol unit, called the smart patrol, to monitor the birds at their nesting grounds. It is also drafting a national plan for the management of Helmeted Hornbills.

Published September 28, 2019 By  CTN 

What one man does in Malaysia saving the [ Hornbills there ] Amas and his father run a popular guesthouse in Teluk Nipah on the western coast of Pulau Pangkor. Every day at 6:30pm outside the Sunset View Chalet, Amas or his father comes out with a bowl of bananas


NZ: Our aim is to make those responsible stop

and look at what they are doing to the wildlife before its too late


And in NZ DOC the Dept of Conservation

says the poison doesn't kill birds?


What do we lose when an animal goes extinct? Species across the globe at risk of vanishing forever. The white rhino is one of them. See pic & link below

https://on.natgeo.com/ 34RD1Or


Photo from Nat Geo


In Asia the demand for rhino horn is great as is many rear species. On the borders of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia one can buy & it needs to stop. China used to have Tibetans & others selling on the streets all the rear products & in some places Police & Local officials still turn a blind eye.









Laos, Cambodia & Myanmar play host to many wildlife animals. Several exotic mammals are endemic such as leopard cats, Javan mongoose, goat antelopes as well as rare species of gibbons and linger, Malayan sun bear, Asiatic black bear and gaur & pangolins.

Learn more about the pangolins here:


Pic by Gerald Cubitt for www.pangolinsg.org

But every day there are poachers who decimate for profit and pangolins are one species thats desired by Chinese for eating. Many poachers are caught in Thailand and SE Asia & it gets worse as the crimes committed are a slap on the hand so they do it again. Chinese pangolin is a pangolin found in northern India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, northern Indochina, through most of Taiwan, and southern China. Hunting is the primary threat facing the Chinese pangolin, for its meat, considered a delicacy, and its skin, blood and scales, used for traditional Chinese medicine.

The Saola Ox, a breed of deer-antelope, was discovered in Vietnam a few years ago and caused a great sensation. This extremely rare animal inhabits the Eastern border regions of Laos. It is thought that these remote areas probably still hide other unknown species. We hope the Nations of the world will combat poaching with harsh penalties & look after their heritage as once gone then the world will collapse................


Some simple facts about 1080 poison below.

Credit: PredatorDefense.org



"Save the wildlife animals as its the creatures that allows mankind

to live in a better place "


Please note the writeups belong to those of their writers & promoters & all photos belong to the respective websites & owners. We publish on this website to make those aware of wildlife and birdlife species slowly being depleted & are non profit. Make the world know that wildlife deserves its place & we acknowledge those who are helping the world be a better place
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