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Section clearing and trenches with our diggers we offer you free quotes. We are based in levin but can travel anywhere to quote you a cheaper job than you are getting locally. Compare our prices. We also offer landscaping services in Wellington and digger and truck hire. Ask us for a price first. Imported from overseas we have on hand for sale neutral screen cabling for all your home and outbuilding jobs. We can offer you a free quotation on your trench work to laying CCTV CABLES TO TELECOM CABLES & UNDERGROUND NEUTRAL SCREENS



Truck hire for any cartage from Demolition jobs to sections an housing site and doing your driveways, tar sealing etc. based in Levin we will travel anywhere.We have our CAT 311 excavator for hire.

Contact us 24/7 for any jobs

For hire CAT 311 $100 per hour work time & cartage costs $150 per hour.

Tipper charges = $95 excluding GST. Our truck takes 11 tonne.

We can deliver agregates/topsoil in small loads to 2 tonne per time for your driveways any size stones or clay mix cheaper than anywhere else. Ask us for a FREE QUOTE. We cannot be beaten.


We are happy to take loads of rock and topsoil. You have to deliver

and free dumping. Clean fill only in Levin just call us Tel 0212127023






Tippers for all those delivery jobs and taking your fll away

Ideal Have you just bought a section and want it cleared or a track and want some cheap aggregate stones for the drive then call us.


No job is too small for us. We can remove trees to digging holes at better than most prices. We understand how some companies have monopolies and are charging exorbitant rates for services and costs but we will better any quote you get.

What about that old garden---shrubs, lillies etc removed to a good home rather than being dumped then email us and we will pick up and save you the hassle.

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