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Thailand Importers







As more New Zealand companies decide on their future its no wonder Thailand is the ideal place to set up business. It has everything and one of the fastest turn around ports in the world with freight movements @ 9500 FCLs per day. Thailand was never affected by the subprime housing boom because it controls its economy for its people which NZ never ever thought about and where today this phenomenon is far too late to turn the clock back. The reality is this: to set up a company in Thailand will cost not more than 40,000 baht but to get BOI status one needs a little more but you can rent space in the meantime. To buy a factory existing you can get per sqft or metre at rentals 1/4 that being charged in NZ. On top of that your power and electrical bills are only 1/4 % of what youre paying now and your wage and salary bill --well it has to be less than 1/3.


Now are you ready to move to Thailand--perhaps not yet but now we have a government in Thailand that wants your business, that offers you incentives to employ their people and you have workers who are willing to stay on the factory site and live plus work 6-7 days if you want them to work. Your production costs are lower as you are not ruled by Council and OSH regs, you do not have heaches paying ACC levies and you find harmony amongst your workers never seen in NZ. Wherever you have a factory in Thailand you can have 24 hour security at a fraction of the cost in NZ-- the local noodle and groceries will come to your gate each day. To build a 20 room 2 storey accommodation wing for your workers will set you back no more than $33,000 and your workers will work at a fraction of the cost and harder than your Kiwi workers. Work comes with incentives and offering bonuses and holidays your production will increase dramatically. In the meantime your family can enjoy the many wonders of Thailand -- your wife can shop at the big Tesco Lotus or Carrefoure superstores much bigger than New World and you can enjoy the seaside beaches and weather second to none and shopping in the best plazas in the world.






NZ companies are on the move bigtime!!!!!



Thailand looks after its people whereas NZ governments use people for their own aims & do not assist the small manufacturers or producers. One of the interesting things about the Thai govt is that they do listen to their people. Years back in the 90s the Bangkok admin wanted to change the motorcycle rules that all Thai wear helmets. This led to people voicing their displeasure as some could not afford helmets. The admin looked at this then said OK wear a lidf in the main streets but in the back streets you do not need. This is called compromising ---- something NZ will never doas those who make the rules want to leave their legacy behind. so those in business are forever hassled by the change in rules. eg ACC hikes for motorcyclists ( yet they still allow ACC for overseas tourists and those who suffer from suicides etc???).


heres a list of why you should setup in Thailand.


Better tax incentives and tax relief Cheaper living standards
Stable economy & good labour laws Work 6-7 days per week
Quick export turnarounds Transport and utility costs cheap
No union hassles Excellent internal infrastructures
Cheaper goods and services costs Outsourcing quick
Weather is excellent Excellent work force



However we can assist you as we have a Registered company in Thailand and Kiwi run. If you want to know more about setting up a company in Thailand just ask--- 16 years experience in factory and shipping & Kiwi owned Thai legal consultant. We understand all the issues of business structures from factories and manufacturing and can assist your company to make the move to Thailand.

"You won't regret moving to Thailand to set up business &

once there I bet you will say"," I wish I went years ago "


[ Check BOI Priveleges & WHY THAILAND ] is better for Manufacturers than NZ


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