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Here, again, is the story of the explosion (28 May, 2019) in a Bromley, Christchurch, warehouse, (56 Wickham St), where pure 1080 poison was being made without resource consent.... for those who don't know it already.
Ever since then a hugely contaminated warehouse (containing pure 1080, ethyl fluoroacetate, ethanol and sodium hydroxide) has sat in the middle of the industrial area in Wickham St Christchurch, like a bomb about to go off! NO hazardous warning signage either, (although it appears that some time this year a small standard Hazchem sign was finally attached to the exterior of the building. It is about 18" by 12 ", and is to the right of the door. I received a photo of it in late April 2020).
1) Work Safe NZ took a whole year to investigate.
2) On May 27, 2020 I reported:
"WorkSafe has filed charges over a health and safety incident in Bromley, Christchurch in May last year.
Charges under the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Hazardous Substances regulations have been filed following the incident in which a worker suffered serious health problems while working at a facility in the suburb of Bromley.
As charges have been filed WorkSafe is unable to provide any further information. The charges were filed at the Christchurch District Court yesterday.(26 May, 2020)
Notes to media:
1. Any party charged under HSWA has the right to apply for name suppression at the first court hearing. We are unable to identify the charges as providing that information may lead to the identification of the charged party or parties.
2. Requests for any WorkSafe investigation report will be declined until the conclusion of the Court process.
3. No date has been set for the first hearing."
3) At the end of May, 2020, WorkSafe announced that that a court case would be held in mid-July, 2020. It was postponed on that day to August 19th, 2020.
4)) On August 19th, 2020, it was postponed to September, 15th, 2020.
5) On September 15th, 2020, it was postponed until December 2, 2020.
6) Today I find that it has been postponed AGAIN... to February, 2021.
We still don't know what the charges are or which of the people involved have been charged, (although we can have a pretty good guess!).
Will this case ever come to court?


Carol Sawyer
MtarfreSicphhdonds 2for1edh  · 
Explosion at unlicensed, unconsented warehouse, illegally producing pure 1080 in a Christchurch suburb, leaves worker poisoned and near death. Ten months later the heavily contaminated building still has no warning signage, no decontamination plan and the whole country has been kept in the dark about the state of the building and the events that happened there. WorkSafe NZ and FENZ combine to cover up the truth. Read on.....
On May 28, 2019, there was an explosion at Unit 1, 56 Wickham St, Bromley, Christchurch. This unit, one of three in the building, was leased by Pest Control Research Ltd (PCR Ltd). PCR Ltd own and operate the Rolleston factory that mixes cereal with 1080 to create poison baits. PCR Ltd have a licence to produce baits (using imported pure 1080 poison). They did not have the permissions necessary to manufacture pure sodium fluoroacetate (1080)
Events have dramatically proven that they did not have the technical understanding, skills or systems necessary for safe manufacture either.
1080 is usually produced by mixing ethyl fluoroacetate, sodium hydroxide and ethanol together in a reaction vessel to make a liquid witches’ brew of unbelievable toxicity. The process is so specialised that, up until now, there appears to be only one company in the world using it - Tull Chemical Co, Oxford, Alabama. In Christchurch the processing seems to have been housed inside a shipping container, inside the actual building. The chemicals necessary for manufacture are precisely the chemicals listed below by Assistant Area Commander Steve Kennedy, FENZ, as being discovered in the building.
Because the Ethyl Fluoroacetate was in a liquid form - as was the ethanol – and because the reaction involved heat, the material would not have been released as a, comparatively, easy-to-contain powder – but as an all pervasive vapour and as an impossible-to-contain gas.
Incredibly, there was no signage on the building at the time of the explosion, (other than that of the previous tenant "Slabjackers"). No hazardous chemical signs (a legal requirement) and no mention of 1080 bait factory PCR Ltd. THERE STILL ISN’T. For the neighbours and the residents of Bromley there is nothing to alert them to the lethal hazard hiding behind those doors to this day.
Once manufactured, this incredibly toxic WHO Class 1A ecotoxin was transported 30 kms across town to the PCR Ltd factory in Rolleston. How was that transport facilitated? With the same total disregard to the rule of law that seems to have been used during its manufacture? International 1000L Bulk Carriers were on site. A 1000L IBC containing 20% 1080 solution would contain enough pure 1080 to kill up to 3 million people !
This incident could truly have been New Zealand’s Fukushima, in fact, it still could be. The environment at the site is so toxic that even the highly trained personnel of Fire and Emergency New Zealand are forbidden to enter.
Work Safe NZ and FENZ have conspired to answer OIA requests in a way that makes fact-finding around these events like a game of hide and seek. The approach of every government agency has been the exact opposite of "open, honest and transparent". The people of Christchurch have a toxic wasteland in the middle of their community and the very people charged with protecting them from events like this have engaged in what can only be described as a coordinated cover-up.
It has taken a huge amount of effort by a group of people who actually do care about both the maintenance of law and the health of our community to uncover this whole ungodly mess.
What is the likely result if a fire breaks out now in this or an adjoining building? We know that the site is heavily contaminated – we don’t know what quantity of the toxic chemicals listed are still inside. How far would the toxic smoke travel and in what direction? One thing we do know- FENZ staff will not be entering in attempt to put it out.
The evidence is clear – and it is published below in the public interest, an interest that the government and its agencies have chosen to ignore.
It is now ten months since the explosion took place and there has been no sign of legal action against the parties concerned. Should it have taken ten months to get us to this point ? Would this have been the case if it had concerned any chemical other than 1080 ?
See original news story here:
Ian Hunter, General Operations Manager for Kiwicare Corporation Ltd, (which is the major shareholder in the 1080 bait factory, and is owned by Matthew O'Brien,) was on site on 28 May, 2019, with at least one other person. Hunter was contaminated with the poison, possibly during an explosion which was caused by the chemical heating process. As it seems unlikely he was processing the chemicals himself, he may not have been wearing the correct PPE. (We know from OIA response documents that an explosion was reported to Fire and Emergency NZ - FENZ - see attached). We are told Ian Hunter was taken to a medical centre and from there to hospital, where he stayed for some weeks or months (timeframe unknown). He was in a coma and nearly died. (See email from his friend, Sara Leadbetter, plus attached screenshot.) He has now recovered and is back working for Kiwicare Corporation Ltd / PCR NZ Ltd), apparently.
Email from Sara Leadbetter:
"Thu, Mar 19, 1:46 PM
The staff member who was in a coma is a friend of mine, Ian Hunter, who is the General Manager of Operations at Kiwicare. He accidentally breathed in something at work and collapsed. He wouldn’t say what it was. He had organ failure and was so bad that at one point they had to do a brain scan to check he was still alive. Fast forward 6 months and he has now recovered enough to be back at work, although he is obviously still suffering side effects. He was a contractor, not an employee.

Fire and Emergency NZ were contacted on 31 May (three days after the explosion and poisoning incident) but no-one turned up on site until the 12th June. On 12th -13th June, ESR, Work Safe NZ and the Fire Service (FENZ), were on site for two whole days and then the building was locked up, with all the dangerous chemicals still inside. NO warning signage was placed on the building. There is still none.
The building has supposedly not been entered since. The immediate neighbours, including a joinery factory in the same building ( Unit 3), still have no idea. One immediate neighbour is the privately owned MacMillan's Aquatic Centre, with not even a fence dividing it from the contaminated site. Children learn to swim here! These neighbours have been questioned by people in the last six weeks and still assume the building was decontaminated in June, 2019.
It was NOT decontaminated, and still has not been, according to the attached email from Steve Kennedy (which we are told was attached to the Fire Service information on the building on 23 January, 2020). That is, if there is a fire in the building, the Area Commander Steve Kennedy has attached a note to FENZ site information for Unit 1, 56 Wickham St, to say that the building is still highly contaminated, and another email was sent out to Christchurch fire officers, also on 23 January, to say that, in case of fire, firemen must not enter the building.
Here is the text of that first email for clearer reading, though we have attached the screenshot too:
"Completed by Steve Kennedy Just a quick follow-up from the operation we mounted with both FENZ and ESR assistance at the Pest Control Research NZ Limited worksite at Unit 1, 56 Wickham Street, Bromley, Christchurch in June last year (Wednesday, 12 June and Thursday, 13 June 2019). The site remains sealed under WorkSafe direction and has not been entered since Thursday, 13 June 2019 the site remains contaminated and the same hazardous substances remain in situ. We continue to work with Pest Control Research for them to developed and produce an adequately robust decontamination and site recovery plan, while there appears to be some reluctance on their part to move this along. I have been ask to confirm our understand that FENZ continues to flag this site/address in your CAD systems as a contaminated hazardous substance location containing quantities of: Sodium Hydroxide [CAS 1310732 ] (solid) Ethyl Fluoroacetate [CAS 459-72-3] (liquid) Ethanol [CAS 64-17-5) (liquid) Sodium Fluoroac by Steve Kennedy"
Here is the email that says fire officers must not enter the building. A photo of this email is attached but for ease of reading we have copied out the text here. It was sent by Fire Service Area Commander Steve Kennedy, again in January, 2019, and says:
"This message was sent with High Importance.
In June 2019 FENZ, in conjunction with Worksafe, was involved in an incident at Pest Control Research, 1/56 Wickham. The site remains contaminated following an industrial incident involving the manufacture of Sodium Fluoroacetate.
No entry is to be made to this building. The site report and Dispatch Safety Alert have been updated."
The Rolleston 1080 bait factory, Pest Control Research NZ Ltd, is 49% owned by the West Coast Regional Council, and 51% owned by Matthew O'Brien, owner of Kiwicare Corporation Ltd. PCR Ltd has three directors - Matthew O'Brien, Michael Meehan (CEO of West Coast Regional Council), and John Wilson of Wanaka. The Dept of Conservation, and presumably also OSPRI, buy 1080 poison baits from this firm.
Meanwhile at least some staff of the Fire Service, Work Safe NZ, ESR, the NZ Police, the West Coast Regional Council, Kiwicare Corp Ltd, Pest Control Research Ltd, Christchurch hospital staff, and Environment Canterbury have all known about this dangerous situation... an accident waiting to happen... and have done nothing at all about it for 10 months ! They have kept quiet.
Another issue that may or may not be related is that Work Safe NZ had a listing on their Fatalities Register, up until January 2020, which stated there had been a single chemical poisoning fatality in Christchurch in July, 2019. After extensive publicity about this on social media, Work Safe NZ removed this fatality from the register, even though it had been there for eight months, and announced instead that it had been a medical event and not a workplace accident.

Email from Steve Kennedy, Assistant Area Commander, Christchurch, Fire and Emergency NZ, 23 January, 2020....below


It has since been discovered via the Official Information Act that the person who died was an Environment Canterbury Contaminated Land Officer.


He was alive and well on the 3 July, became ill on 4 July, 2019, and was found deceased on 6 July, 2019. Work Safe NZ has refused to answer questions in an OIA request about this, including whether this man had ever visited the Bromley warehouse in the month prior to his death. No toxicology tests were done. Even though he was not ill or hospitalised at all during that period, because we now know the site is still seriously and hazardously contaminated a question mark hangs over this incident. Contaminated Land Officers visit contaminated land. Did this person ever visit the contaminated Bromley warehouse following the explosion on May 28, 2019?

Work Safe NZ has refused to answer this question.
From Facebook
: Carol Sawyer
1080 eyewitness. As at Dec 2020.





IS NZ THE CLEAN GREEN COUNTRY & PURE NZ as it once was. Are the bird populations dropping?



Will our wildlife have a future & what if an economy crash

causes people to go bush for food


Helicopters Ready to drop 1080 poison in the South Island NZ 2019 Sept



they need your support & comments






1080 poison is the synthetic sodium salt version of fluoro acetic acid which was first discovered in plants in the arid zones of the world, namely South Africa, Western Australia, India and Brazil. It was manufactured as an insecticide then a rodenticide, then predator control. It is banned or restricted in most of the world.


In NZ,the Dept of Conservation, OSPRI, regional councils, forestry, private landowners are among the clients and the profits are returned to the Crown. The nominal shareholding is split (as always with state-owned enterprises) between two Ministries. One is always the Minister for Finance and for this company the other half was held by the Minister for Primary Industries [MPI] but under the new coalition govt (since 2017) that changed to the Environmental Protection Authority. Link here: https://orillion.com/about/

New Zealand - Throughout history people have claimed ‘they were just doing their job’ - it’s a very very poor excuse for the suffering they have inflicted on others .... The New Zealand Government has poisoned our country with Ecotoxin Compound 1080 for over 60 years, we have the highest of cancer & the highest rates of motor neurones in the world



International law help ask us




all orgs in NZ need to be represented?

We leave this up to "the people" to find out for themselves as help is certainly needed for the dedication from those against the use of 1080 in NZ. As you see there are many organisations in NZ against the use of 1080 & there are many sites about the ITNJ for those who wish to check out.




With an International organization coming to NZ any organization should lobby International Organizations world wide before hand? There is enough information available from the many factions who promote the banning of 1080 in NZ which could be passed on to aid any International group willing to help a credible organization. At the same time its important any such group has backing from International reknown sources?

What NZ 1080 lobbyists need is to tell the world what is happening & this is best portrayed via media outlets and governments from outside of NZ not inside NZ. This type of backing will ensure a much better outcome & stronger lobby case.

It means others look at you as a reliable resource and decision maker especially going against the NZ Govt who have resources. It allows those who rely on you to know they can count on you, trust you, do business with you, and align with you. Without, it can end before it starts so makeup of any organization is vital.

There are a number of facts to consider. Does NZ have an adequate lobby base?---- hard to say but we believe only on a low self contained domestic level. Kiwis do not possess the standard of raising donations as other countries manage to do. USA has a multi million $$ lobby setup right throughout Congress which would be a good start & where it would create the ground needed as a booster.Other aligned countries could also be brought into the fold.This is important as most Kiwi org against, do not have ties to overseas and this is the problem. There will be those for and those against because there is no universal bond with each other to further roads banning 1080. One can see why proponants seek any Int organization willing to help good or bad at this stage since because there in no overseas lobby group behind them. It can be done & achieved but it is missing as we write.

With any effective org there is a cost & one must ask who will fund any Tribunal coming to NZ whether it be the ITNJ or some other organization. With Inter Lobby Groups you can secure funding ---- writers have told us they get zero from the Questions they ask---wonder why? To date NZ lobby groups are small & they are self funding & they do not possess the means to sustain expensive advertising or promotional setups, from what we have been told. Most do not rely on donations as they pay as they go & one can separate the die hards who pay from the want-a-bees who say & pass comments. Of note they do have many members on their books so one must ask whats happening?

Lastly we have those who are there for the money as real lawyers cost. Sound familiar but don't worry it may be a little hidden but up to those who have money to give & not worry where it goes. Remember though any organization for banning 1080 must be honest & above board & most of all credible.


Credibility is by far the most important aspect for success........... its up to all to judge but please do your homework!!!!! its not that hard to figure out. We wish whatever outcomes that it is for the benefit of those fighting against the use of 1080


[ Note: we were involved in promoting 2 Foundations in Asia who were not what they set out to be? so we know what to check --- you do the same ]







The most important development will be the acknowledgement by DOC that their program isn't working but due to the $$$$ thing this will never be the case until someone dies or International Lobby groups back the banning

One has to wonder how they tick when they listen

to a freelance reporter for advice?? thats terrible..............


Is it not a better idea for DOC to concentrate on eradicating flies & see what they say. Yet fly blown sheep runs in the millions per year and not $1 is spent eradicating flies apart from what farmers can do themselves each and every year


Flystrike is a serious disease that affects approximately 2 million sheep and 250,000 lambs in NZ every year. How about that & DOC does nothing to erdicate flies.After hatching, the maggots bury themselves in the sheep's wool and eventually under the sheep's skin, feeding off their flesh. ... Fly strike can be lethal for sheep due to ammonia poisoning.




During the dry summer period, nitrate accumulates in the soil, and is then carried into the plant after rainfall often reaching high levels.   The nitrate inside the cow’s rumen is converted to nitrite and this has toxic effects. Deaths can be very quick.  Cattle lie down and look very sleepy.  They need urgent veterinary help and the antidote is methylene blue byut how many know that..............& how many farmers will lose stock.




1080 was banned in 1972 in the USA by President Nixon but not NZ. Vietnam has banned it and glysophate the roundup used on many NZ farms to day & is cancer forming. In the 80s 1080 poison was reregistered for use in sealed rubber collars against coyotes. They use about 4 tablespoons a year. We use 4-6 tonnes. Of the pure poison. A lethal dose for an average adult is about half an aspirin tablet. Or less. It’s not used by most of the planet. It is too dangerous. There is no antidote and it is a universal poison affecting all life requiring oxygen to metabolise energy. Insects. Fish. Even plants are affected.
It kills all life that consumes a lethal dose. Sublethal doses can lead to a failure to thrive. Not all the creatures will eat it. The poison dilutes the wildlife.


Carol Sawyer a leading advocate against 1080 poison in NZ did a post on 1080 bait storage. She posted a photo of a 'Sollys Freight' truck being loaded up with bags of 1080 poison baits at Port Nelson in September, 2014. The photo is still there - but with a disclaimer.

'Sollys' is a Collingwood, Golden Bay /Tasman company.
but she was informed that since 2014 Sollys have REFUSED to transport 1080 poison !! Such good news from an excellent transport company

The 1080 baits for the massive aerial 1080 drops on Kahurangi National Park in 2016 and 2017 were transported by 'T Croft Ltd' of Greymouth.




We have many ex-DoC and ex-1080-poisoners in our ranks in 'Anti-1080 Land'.

It is very nice to welcome 'Sollys Freight' ( belatedly ) to the fold that supports the banning of 1080 poisoning. This is the freight company to use who are concerned about the birds and wildlife in NZ. We recommend Sollys & they are old school. They have been providing Transport, Construction and Earthmoving services since 1928. • There modern fleet of trucks comprise of everything from Bulk Tippers. They are in Christchurch, Takaka, Richmond, Blenheim, Collingwood etc. Postal AddressPO Box 162, Takaka 7142


Email m.a@sollys.co.nz  so people please use them and pass the word on as we need more like Sollys.

& by the way Sollys run all over NZ so if you have goods to flow up and down both islands give them a call.



Join us to stop 1080 poisoning as it needs to go.


Facts “The Quiet Forest”


Some answers to an important question about 1080 poison.

When Dr Fiona McQueen published her book “The Quiet Forest”,


she framed it around 10 questions she focused on researching thoroughly, through her experience as an academic and a highly qualified healthcare practitioner.

Today, let’s look at one of those questions:
"Q: What happens to birds long-term after 1080 poison drops?

Answer: There are very few long-term population studies and those that exist have major design flaws. Nonetheless, there is NO evidence that aerial 1080 is beneficial for native bird populations (although [some] short-term studies do show improved fledgling success due to knock-down of rats). A few studies suggest that bird populations may plummet after 1-2 years. Reproductive toxicity has been proven in mammals but has NOT been studied in birds. [editor’s note: some birds may now be less fertile or even completely infertile because they have ingested sub-lethal doses of 1080 poison]."
So, what is happening to our native birds? After 64 years of aerial 1080 poison operations, there is still NO evidence that 1080 is beneficial, and there may well be evidence –yet to be revealed – that 1080 is seriously damaging our bird populations. After all, we already know that many birds, such as Kea and Kiwi are often found dead after poison drops but that any valid testing or autopsies of these birds are simply NOT carried out by the Dept of Conservation (presumably because the authorities know exactly what these tests would reveal to the public).







"The Quiet Forest" : the case against aerial 1080 is available from your local library, or to buy here



To all Tourists visiting NZ. Please send us any pictures and info if you come across animals and birdlife you find are poisoned OR YOU suspect strange circumstances










In the 2017 General Election, Eugenie Sage stood in the Port Hills, Christchurch, electorate. Out of 6 candidates she got less than 8% of the vote, with only 3,143 people voting for her.

In 2014, the Ban1080 Party appeared for the first time. It faced many obstacles, including difficulty getting permission to name itself the Ban1080 Party, so was registered just three weeks before the General Election. Because it was registered so close to the election it received no Electoral Commission funding for advertising, either.

Despite being a brand new, single-issue Party, with no advertising budget, the Ban1080 Party candidate for West Coast-Tasman, Pete Salter, received 2,318 votes, just 825 votes less than our current Minister of Conservation received in 2017



They are molluscs, not insects. 

Interestingly, there are "much greater differences between insects and molluscs than there are between mammals like us and fish" ! ( Robert Cameron, Evolutionary biologist and Malocologist, retired former Biology Professor, studied at University of Oxford )

In this video Eugenie Sage says:

"I do thank and congratulate the Select Committee for its unanimous support of 1080 as a tool to control predators. This is what is going to be necessary to protect our bird species from going extinct, (and) to protect insects like the giant land snail."

She also thinks 1080 will save the giant snails.

The evidence points to 1080 KILLING OFF giant land snails ( Powelliphanta )

In the 'Sodium fluoroacetate Pesticide Information Review' by A. A. C. Fairweather & K.G. Broome of DoC and Penny Fisher of Landcare Research, 2015, there are several references to powelliphanta (giant land snails) eating baits; also dead snails, including a powelliphanta, at a bait station. See:

1) One out of 8 giant land snails (Powelliphanta hochstetteri hochstetteri) spent a total of 21.5 minutes feeding on non-toxic paste over two nights during laboratory trials. Two out of 10 tree weta fed on non-toxic paste for a total of 5.9 minutes (Morgan 1999).

2) Of the 8 tree weta offered non-toxic bait in captivity, one fed on it briefly. Of the 8 large land snails (Powelliphanta hochstetteri hochstetteri) offered non-toxic bait in captivity, 3 fed on it. Of the 6 ground beetles (Megadromus bullatus) offered non-toxic bait in captivity, none fed on it (Morgan 1999).

3) 38 Rhytida snails (Rhytida patula/perampla) and one Powelliphanta were found dead inside 867 No Possums 1080 Gel Bait bait stations removed approximately 26 months after they were placed in the field in the Gouland Downs (Kahurangi National Park) in 2008 (Deverell 2008).

From C Sawyer FB 15/5/19

Carol Sawyer



A Minister of Conservation should know at least something about the creatures she is killing, (like whether they are insects or molluscs) and, on other issues, if she can't do arithmetic she has an army of advisers to assist.

Not only does she think that our Giant Land Snails/ Powelliphanta are insects (which have legs), not molluscs ( Debate on 207/18 Annual Reviews - Environment Sector, Parliament), but it seems she hasn't a clue how much pure 1080 poison is in a 1080 bait or what the dropping rates of her favourite predator control "tool" are !! By HER calculations, one hectare of 1080 baits, dropped at the standard rate, would poison 7,300 adult men, killing half of them !!

On Friday, May 17, 2019, at an event called " Kai and Conversations with Eugenie Sage, Minister of Conservation", two questions were answered on 1080 poison. They were:

"More 1080 is planned to be used this year than ever before. At what point is New Zealand using too much 1080 poison or how much 1080 poison use is too much ??" - Joel Lund


"How much longer do you think 1080 will be used as a means of pest eradication?“ - Jane Scheib

The two questions were not actually addressed by Sage, but in her evasive response she said "The amount of 1080 that is used now is about a teaspoon of toxin over an area the size of a tenniscourt so the levels of application have significantly reduced in the last 2-3 decades “ " (Joel Lund of Wanaka was there and wrote down her statement verbatim.)

The problem with this answer is that one teaspoon is 5 gms, and just 35 mgs can kill a 70 kg man.(1)

1080 poison baits contain 0.15% pure 1080, so by Eugenie Sage's reckoning, a tenniscourt of 1080 baits, at current standard dropping rates, would contain 277 x 12 gm baits, which would contain enough pure 1080 to poison 143 adult men, killing half of them.

Blimey !!! I think she got a few facts wrong there.

In fact at the commonly aerially dropped rate of 2kgs 1080 baits per ha, that equates to approximately 3.26 x 12 gm baits per tenniscourt, not 277 ! That's still enough to kill almost two adult men, but not 70 adult men!

The awful thing about Eugenie's statement is that she obviously thought one teaspoon of 1080 toxin was a minuscule amount, when it is complete overkill ( excuse the pun ), and also she imagines that this is a reduced figure compared to the past. Oh dear !

(1)ACP Ltd use an LD50 of 0.7 to 2 mgs kg/BW, but based on fatal or near-fatal cases of human poisonings, the dangerous dose ( LD50) for humans is 0.5-2.0 mg/kg BW (Negherbon 1959)

1 comment on FB; I' m tired of her misleading lies and general inability to do her job and not to mention her utter rudeness when dealing with the public , she really needs to go , (preferably behind bars)


MAY 2019 NEWS:



Heli-hunter Dick Deaker has written May 2019:

"I got 14 deer yesterday morning, most in the Clinton Valley. We never saw a Kea !! And as you can see the gut bags ​from the deer we​ shot there 3 weeks ago are untouched! It is very disturbing to see this, as Kea were numerous in these catchments prior to the intensive poison drops in the Hollyford and Clinton catchments. And they are about to do them all again in the next couple of months!!!!"

Dick says none of the gut bags they have left in the last five years in the Clinton Valley have been touched since the poisonings started, and none in the Hollyford either since the first aerial 1080 drop there 20 months ago 

Dick has been a helihunter in Fiordland for 47 years & is one of the best NZ pilots FLYING THE SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND.





************************** ************************

Photo by Dick Deaker of untouched deer gut bags in the Clinton. The white is the fat, which Kea love. As you can see, it is all still there.




from a tourist



Aloha, To Whom it May Concern:….
I just returned from my “umpteenth” trip to NZ. I have been going there since 1983. In the past 3 yrs, I have been going for 3 months a year to fly fish….and my fishing partner has been going there for 30 years to fish. Let me just establish that I justifiably have “boots on the ground” experience in NZ. I was there when the recent massacre took place in Christchurch. But I am not writing about that. I am writing because the adulation given to Jacinda Ardern may be warranted on some levels…but there is a bigger picture as to what is going on in NZ.
We returned from our NZ trip this year one month early. The country has been saturated with poisons. Most significantly, 1080 poison (Sodium monofluoroacetate is the chemical name which accurately describes the structure of manufactured 1080 used for pest control in New Zealand). Jacinda condones its use. If you don’t know much about this, you should, as the rest of the world should know. They have been dropping 1080 POISON , saturating the country, since 1954. 1080 poison is deemed by the WHO as a weapon of mass destruction, and banned throughout the world, only used by Australia for dingo control …NZ uses 90% of all that is produced in the world.

It kills anything that needs oxygen. EVERYTHING THAT NEEDS OXYGEN. It kills everything (from microscopic organisms to horses)….but more cruelly than one can imagine. One veterinarian likened it to being electrocuted for 2 days straight before the animals actually die. Jacinda condones its use.
I could go on and on with more FACTS ….1080 was originally developed as an insecticide. Then NZ magically turned into a “pest control” agent…to “save the birds”……But it kills birds, deer, stock animals, cows, horses, sheep, and dogs…

Most recently a friend that I met in NZ, a staunch anti-1080 advocate, shared the most disturbing thing yet. She has been spied on by the NZ government because of her writing the truths about it, and they deemed her a “propagandist”. There is a media blackout in NZ concerning the truths about 1080. The only way you can get any information is through social media. But the world needs to know the truth…which is that NZ is anything but the “clean, green, pristine” country they advertise it to be…the greatest advertising lie ever told.

The other lie, that NZ recognizes


all animals as “sentient beings”.  https://www.psychologytoday.com/…/new-zealand-declares-

anim…) IS THE BIGGEST PROPAGANDA stunt ever told...animals can take up to 4 days to die in excruciating pain.
With our most recent trip, we found the water quality in their rivers and lakes to be so toxic, that people can not swim in the streams and rivers anymore….and the trout populations have diminished almost entirely. As far as trout go," the bugs drive the bus”….no bugs no food for trout. (And as I mentioned above, 1080 was originally developed as an insecticide.)
NZ was once known as the Brown Trout Paradise. For any avid angler that fishes for Brown Trout..it was the mecca. But it has been destroyed. Besides, the push for more dairies, more pollution with effluent and an overuse of pesticides and fertilisers has c
ontributed to the degradation of NZs waters.

We were fishing on the Waikaia River in the Southland (South Island) and had planes flying over us that were spreading chemicals. We saw helicopters along the banks cleaning out their tanks of toxic chemicals. A photo I took on the Waikaia R. shows the cyanobacteria (blue-green algae)

Thus my dismay when I see all these praises for a PM (Jacinda) that allows her country to be poisoned…all in the name of GREED. Follow the money. Sound familiar? The greed to produce more and more milk, lamb, venison, etc for a growing Chinese market has mesmerised this country into overlooking the environment……polluting the country to levels that are destroying it….
"The Nation that destroys its soil destroys itself."
Franklin D. Roosevelt 1943
In summary, one would think that a poison being used for over 60 years would have worked by now. It doesn’t work. I would think that science has come a long way since 1080 was introduced. NZ has destroyed its ecosystem. I don’t think it will ever heal in my lifetime. We will never go back….and pay to be poisoned. Jacinda Ardern is allowing this to happen. People need to know the truth before their “knee-jerk” adulations for Jacinda as to being so wonderful.

For the love of Nature and all its creatures ….I appeal to you for this truth to be known……please, these wonderful people in NZ are trying to get some help in stopping this atrocity…..and for all these beautiful innocent creatures that have died such a horrific death……..
Sincerely Yours,


Check this video: 1080 poisoning is cruel, dangerous, expensive and it must be stopped!



[ NZ 1080 poisoning our lands continued ] [ Check more pages 1080-2 1080-3 10804 10805 ] [ 1080 Orgs & Listings ] [ Monsanto & law suits ] as we are putting up more pages to make people aware of what NZ & DOC: The Dept of Conservation is doing.

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We are an overseas company but we have kiwi representation to help those protecting wildlife & Aotearoa before it is too late


"1080 poison is killing our birdlife & the NZ Govt does don't care--tourists beware "

Why has Vietnam banned glysophate where its widespread on all NZ farms & countryside.

Be careful what you eat and drink & touch in the wilderness.


Please note the writeups on 1080 belong to those of their writers & promoters. If USA can ban it why doesn't NZ. We publish on this website to make those aware of wildlife and birdlife species slowly being depleted & are a non profit org. Make the world know that wildlife deserves its place & we acknowledge those who are helping the world be a better place
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