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Thailand Importers

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Bucket seals & radiator easy to send via courier direct to you


We can supply you with imported genuine Komatsu parts from Thailand. If you have a mini komatsu excavator and want rollers, sprockets, motor parts, etc for your Komatsu then ask us. We can have DHL direct to you in NZ. We are agents for Komatsu parts PC10, PC20, PC30, PC40 excavator parts for all Komatsu excavators. It takes approx 1 week to have DHL to you and receipt supplied with packing list in the DHL package.





If you need parts for Komatsu excavators from PC-01, PC2, PC3, PC4 excavators then ask us. If wanting parts that are heavy then we can send via P.O.or if you can wait we can include in LCL sea shipments if not in a hurry. You can order parts that are heavy and we can ship out for you in our consignments.

PC20-40 throttle cable complete with ends normally cannot be supplied in NZ unless made. Quoted price around $300 plus freight and GST. Our price $80- $150 including freight anywhere in NZ by DHL

We specialize in PC20 Komatsu parts & can DHL to you cheaper than buying in NZ


Sprockets, rollers, bushes, pins, seals etc for Komatsu PC20 direct to you.

email us:

See more [ Komatsu PC20 parts ]

WEDGELOCK in Lower Hutt Toll-free: 0800 424 482 NZ are the main Kiwi Leaders in the design and manufacture of world-class excavator attachments, solving some of the toughest earthmoving challenges on the planet! These guys make rakes,rippers, rollers, lock tilt buckets any buckets, thumbs,grabs,couplings etc http://www.wedgelock.com/

We are also suppliers of NEW Komatsu spare parts for PCs up to 4 tonne as well looking for agents to buy our [ retread truck and bus tyres ]. RUBBER EXCAVATOR TRACKS FOR SALE all models : [ RUBBER TRACKS ] [ Kiwi bulldozer parts links ]

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