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The NZ situation. Well Transmission Gully after so many years of yes and nos is finally going to happen but at a cost so enormous that by the end of it --will it actually be worth it. Tolls will be the only way for the government to recoup a % of it back as the costs will escalate out of proportion nothing near the forecasted budget they predict--- well tolls work overseas in Thailand and that pays for the mega roads which they can construct in under 1/2 the time NZ contractors take to make a road here. Why, because when you see the specs of our roads & the forever time it takes then you understand.

Source: NZ Herald


The 27km route will be built over the next 10 years as part of a $2billion upgrade of Wellington roads. The new Kapiti expressway will cost $595- $855 m and by pass Otaki just before the bridge (new bridge ) and run east of the township with 4 lanes. The third stage will another 4 laner from Otaki bypassing the township on the East side of the Railway then come back onto the Levin road meeting on the County Road. Levin which is already nearly a guost town in the weekends! --$140 m cost. Waikanae and Coastlands shopping Mall will be bypassed as well as the Highway varies off from QE11 Park at Mackays crossing and goes seaward side of Paraparamu and comes out at Peka Peka to meet the existing highway. This in Coastlands may have to start thinking about selling your commercial properties or locking in your tenants with a low and longer lease to weather the storm. Good for some bad for others the likes of the small towns where noone will want to stop anymore its bad news. So much for helping small business but it will be slow but then many shops for rent in places like Levin start at $400 a week so its about time owners dropped their prices if they want to survive the new changes.

NZ contractors could have a windfall!!!!! or will just the big guys get the contracts yet again.

But see how long it will take and then see what all the idiot changes are made once finished & watch the left put their little hand in and mess it all up. Look at the Mana Bridge and how many years did it take to build that to completion and the many 2 ways that are now one way roads on the way to Wellington. Our roads are shocking and the reason for this is that we have left it too late to build 2 lane highways either side with medium strips. Concrete roads will thats never an issue as the costs far exceed expectations yet done once you never need road works again. Now count the number of times you must slow down due to road works as Fulton Hogan and the rest of them dump a layer of seal gravel stones on the roads then have to come back a few years later to dump more---makes you wonder but this is what our roads are like.

"After all these years Transmission gully may start - - -

but will the cost be what they say at the end"

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