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The NZ situation. Well Transmission Gully after so many years of yes and nos is finally going to happen but at a cost so enormous that by the end of it --will it actually be worth it. Tolls will be the only way for the government to recoup a % of it back as the costs will escalate out of proportion nothing near the forecasted budget they predict--- well tolls work overseas in Thailand and that pays for the mega roads which they can construct in under 1/2 the time NZ contractors take to make a road here. Going on costs in 10 years time the toll could be $NZ5 -$10. Why, because when you see the specs of our roads & the forever time it takes then you understand. But not only that id we see how serice and costs are running at the moment then in 10 years time it will double ---boy we need a depression to back to 70s costs.

Source: NZ Herald


NZ'ders are going to find it hard. Land tax is going to happen to stop speculators or thats what they think. The Buckle tax review is in progress levied at 1% of the unimproved value of your land & Grimes the Reserve Bank Chairman seems to think it will drop the land values by 17%. But what about supply demand??? and what about the land that cannot be used for anything? I don't think so. Land will always command a premium. They already canned the GST hikes as then more small businesses would be out of work and beneficiary payments increase. The crazy thing is if the Govt reduces corporate and income tax it must raise this some place else so where are they going as they borrow $250m per week at the moment just to bankroll the country and place it further into debt. The so called subprime hit only the poor people not the greedy companies and financial institutions who got off scot free with many getting even better handouts. The salary levels for finance companies etc have not changed while others have lost their whole savings. Key has done nothing to address the problems of reforms in favour appeasing his coalition partners for the next election which in itself is a typical stance of any government. Unemployment will continue to rise as with home prices as people won't drop & can't see further than their wallets or the next new car or house & what they can make out of every deal. The mess Labour left behind is still their; the Justice system has grown softer & greenies who can't make clear decisions, on criminals & gangs who just laugh and drug dealers & criminals get lighter sentences as jails are full; ACC which is now totally out of hand and in debt, a social welfare system that hasn't changed & a government and Councils trying to find ways to tax society even more so they can play with and have higher salaries and percs. There are no jobs in smaller towns apart from New Worlds and more people will go on the dole as the situation in NZ gets worse. Internet companies, telecom and Electrical companies want more and more money --- we have lost it in NZ.

The greens are making it more difficult and of course we have Honewira the MP whose lost touch with NZ as a whole and favours no doubt a separatist nation! So where does this all leave us for 2009. You guessed it---poorer, disillusioned but those with money and power can live on.

As one of the worlds most famous musicians stated:

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace".

Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970)

"NZ home prices going thru the ceiling The Fed is lost & must start raising interest rates which will wreck many who have heavy mortgages in NZ "


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