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Blink & drive right thu Levin as theres nothing there anymore. Its now a welcare town for pensioners & others



Levin New Zealand a town that has virtually gone backwards with a District Council who cannot even balance the books and get themselves right. From the 1970s Levin has virtually gone backwards losing first the Racing car track then the track itself to Otaki and with it manufacturing companies like Lanes Hosiery, Caravan construction, Garment manufacturer Wisharts to just the every day local shops like BETA electrical who are starved of customers and whom cannot afford the high shop rents, costs, taxes etc. The low esteem of customers who don't wish to shop here would rather go to places like Otaki or Raumati which is now vibrant towns & Otaki is the garment centre of the upper kapiti coast line. The streets are virtually empty in Levin especially on weekends, as those trying to compete with the likes of the Warehouse get knocked out & are bing taken over by fast foods, coffee shops, cheap Tshirts & chinese rubbish stores. Virtually all that’s left is a small abattoir and a couple of clothing manufacturing outlets like Swazi which nay change sometime as costs, rates, utilities and the rest creep make it not feasible to carry on here.

Then we have Contact Energy who have just put up their consumer rates & goods and services costs rising + this year interest rates have now climbed for those unfortunate to own their homes bringing eith it uncertainty. Telecom has one heck of a problem & the Government need to raise taxes someplace to alay the ever increasing deficit. We will see the District Council wanting more in rates to pay back their loans (already increased this year), fund their schemes & try to balance their top heavy staff salaries & books which are well over the top. With around 33000 people they have a council building more suitable for a city and like many projects it was built well over its proposed initial budget that the ratepayers must pay for.

From a vibrant fast growing centre in NEW Zealand the town of Levin has slowly drifted to becoming an old folks town. Lucky for some it is still a service centre for the horticulture & farming community but that’s about all.  Levin has no hope of any recovery and will get a larger unemployment population as theres certainly no jobs here unless you want to work in Countdown or Write price & they are full up or pick pears etc. Theres no Saturday market and nothing to incite people in their mall --- its going backwards for sure.

Still in mortgage mode for 35,000 people



Levin is on the main  truck line & is close to Wellington, has some of the best horticulture in NZ but its losing itself to a Council that’s absolutely useless and greedy landlords who cannot see further than their $$$ per week. Look at shop rentals in Oxford St ranging from $400 a week to start & for one restaurant that only opens at night from 5-9pm. No wonder businesses are closing their doors as landlords want more and more rent and terms that tenants cannot even comprehend.


There is no going  back unless of course a depression hits then Work & Income will be the biggest business concern dishing out the benefits on Tuesdays as per the norm now. Theres no jobs and the cost of building a house will see more layoffs as builders compete. 2009 the Crown had to make $2 billion worth of tax refunds to companies, approximately twice that of 2008, while personal tax refunds were also up 15 per cent so in 2010 with many companies running at a loss and the likelihood of a capital gains tax things can only get worse with rentals increasing per week & the likelihood of small businesses closing shop.


Properties have gone nuts once again up 5.5% to greed & escalated making it impossible for young people to be able to save as the power companies this month increased their retail fees and it just keeps on going. Now the small hospital needs to reduce its expenditure so we can see that being downsized yet again and of course you have the ex Kimberley patients running around the town on the loose. A great combination which does not attract those wanting a place to do business or even retire to.







Levin is not attracting anyone as fewer homes are being sold compared to other centres and the asking price average is $200.000 being well below the likes of Waikanae, and the Kapiti coast. After 6pm at night its a guost town and only has fast foods left with never anyone on the unattractive streets ---Sunday is even worse--go to Otaki or Wanganui & see the difference how pretty they are??? The town of Levin is dead in the weekends and the old Councillors still getting their monthly pay checks don’t want to rock the boat and lose their easy salaries---p time these old hats left and get some young ones in to run as councillors. The Levin main street is not even nice to look at as one drives through--look at Wanganui??? and see the difference you councillors. The Levin Council even has a CEO I believe is on $150,000 a year + percs for what and cannot even balance the books and they have a deficit of millions but a nice big building to sit in and only 33,000 constituents that are presumed to be zombies. Now this Council needs to focus on dropping salaries –booting a few staff? stop increasing rates & parking fines etc & streamline building consents & red tape (well I know the PM said he would drop a few of the Council rules and regs but he's in power now & doesn't want to risk his reelection--hey that figures).


Downgrade their staff and streamline business setups & regional consents. Dump some of the red tape & for heavens sake dump the CEO who the heck do you think you are!!!! & why does a small District Council need a CEO.

Maybe they need to offer businesses who wish to setup in Levin some sort of incentive because thats the only thing that will lift this town. Hey they do this in Thailand believe it or not with the BOI (Board of Investment) & it works and they are a 3rd world country but have a sound labour force and setting up assistance with tax free for 5 years. Ah! but thats Thailand not Levin you may ask ---- but its easy to come up with solutions that can attract business as Levin has the main truck line running thru and are in close proximity to the Wellington port of entry. But like many small towns many are being swallowed up by rate hikes & increased costs for everything.

Whats it mean: well it means if the Horowhenua District Council gave new manufacturing & businesses a cut in rates, advertising and subsidized power, business incentive help, streamlining quick licenses & resource consents etc then wouldn’t that attract newcomers or will the Horowhenua Council keep on dumping money on stupid cycle tracks that no one uses & other crazy things without asking for advice from the people and what Levin really needs. For Levin to get ahead this is what they have to do--oh and maybe some pot plants etc around the main street that look so drab. Without it, Levin will sink deeper and the new big building will keep on having Duffy’s and the rest of the no hopers trying to extract more rates from the people of Levin for their pet projects; buying up property but having empty buildings egcountdown?. Its bad enough now and will only cause business to leave as they can't think past there jobs and high salaries. Noone wants to live in Levin unless they are a pensioner and properties are on the go slow as the tight rope on interest rates scares the hell out of home buyers. With new rules on property rentals people will not sell or live in properties rather than renting them out. This will bring a tightrope even further in as rental properties go up or are in short supply.


NZ has no tax incentives to help business so no new business enterprises employing many people will ever suffice. In fact businesses are now better to run at a loss and they are better off. Most small businesses we talked to fet it is too hard to try to make it now due to high taxes and costs. Being on the main truck line and highway still means a $2.79+ freight charge for getting goods to port of Wellington if the Company is export orientated. It make more sense to be in Petone or Lower Hutt closer to the port. NZ costs are overboard and will never slow down now until we get a wake up call (called depression)--it will come it has too. Freight & shipping costs are so expensive now due to our isolation and location to world markets. Bringing in raw materials theres no govt incentive hence you have the freight from port to Levin to contend with & high duties on commercial items to make your manufacturing business work. Then you have the salary levels, ACC levies and charges which any company in their own right would walk away from. This is the real world now so kiss goodbye to levin getting back to its formal self as theres not much to attract anyone & with a Lake that some Maori have decided its better to do nothing with just seals it.

Well that’s my view anycase. How about offering a freebee--- get some councillors willing to do the same work on a lower allowance perhaps as once they get in they sit on the fence—but this is the norm. Its time many of this Council including its Mayor took a break & retired and as for the CEO who needs one---its not a multi corp but they damn well think they are???? Good luck Levin you need it ---time for a change so maybe vote for Ann Hunt as the next Mayor. Even Otaki has far surpassed Levin in the garment field now--check as you drive thru & talk to some of the shop owners & tell me if I'm wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH ON CONTRACTORS YARDS AND FARMS: If you see anything suspicious call the Police on 3660500 or the confidential crime line on 3660528

NZ companies are moving from Levin & theres hardly any left now!!!!!




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WHY ARE MANUFACTURERS & BUSINESSES LEAVING NZ: [ Read the story ] The issues are economics nothing else and many a time the owner is blamed for moving when in fact he has no say in the matter otherwise he will go bust. However read the reasons why NZ has lost the plot ---[ Compare to Thailand ] & why more factories are heading abroad now. It makes sense.[ Check WHY THAILAND ] is better for Manufacturers & any Kiwi Company. [ Kiwisaver ] [ Kiwisaver good or bad Providers ] [ Transmission Gully Impact costs ] [ NZders lose out ] [ Electric Power Increase ] [ Benefit cuts good or meaningless ] [ Family budget ] [ Quit smoking-heres how ] [ Truck panel & Paint ] [ World population exploding ] [ Retirees new visa over 65 ]

"Horowhenua District Council needs a reshuffle to survive as Levin is dead "

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