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The world recession has done nothing to stop the population of the world exploding and helping Haiti and other African countries does not help any situation. Gobal warming forget about as in the next decade the population of the world will increase by another 1 billion people. We cannot afford to give handouts when western countries cannot even look after their own countries eg. Greece, Italy etc. Sounds cruel but corrupt countries one cannot help and year 2011 we have 7 billion people on our planet.









Bangladesh return home after attending a three-day Islamic Congregation on the banks of the river Turag in Tongi, outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. This pic is just normal train travel in Bangladesh which is so corrupt and the population has no controls APPhotoPavelRahman



1 billion people on the planet, and over the next 150 years, that number grew to 3 billion. But in the past 50 years, the global population has more than doubled, and the UN projects that it could possibly grow to 15 billion by the year 2100.


The good samaritans helping poor countries like Haiti really help the rich as corruption dominates in all these countries as has been the norm for years. Instead they should be promoting birth control--they do nothing as its too sensitive. Most of the world's 1.2 billion desperately poor people live in less developed countries ( LDCs). 26 Poverty exists even in MDCs. One in five Soviet citizens reportedly lives below the country's official poverty line. In the United States, 33 million people - -one in eight Americans are below the official poverty line. The rapid expansion of population size since the end of World War II in the world's poorest nations has been a cause of their poverty. Over-population and continuing population growth are making substantial contributions to the destruction of Earth's life support systems. In the past, human populations have rarely been subject to explosion.





Population explosion is increasing to bursting point!!!!! Think about it--an extra 1,000 million will be living in the world's poorest African countries by 2050 & its a fact yet noone cares. There will be an extra 120 million more Americans, and India will boot out China to become the world's most populous country. Nigeria is expected to have more than doubled its numbers to more than 300 million people and Bangladesh, one of the poorest, most crowded and disaster-prone countries, will double to over 280 million. Africa and Asia will be overstretched with the population explosion. Western Asian nations like Thailand, VietNam and Cambodia are expected to gain about 186 million people by 2050 and sub-Saharan African countries more than one billion people as the birth rate exceeds the death rate in high proportions which the so called NGOs are oblivious to stop.

Gujarat India 2003 as the water around the world dries up and deserts are created due to lack of managment the world does not care.

ReutersAmit Dave



One in every six person in western Europe will be over the age of 65 by 2050. Climate change and ongoing land degradation are widely expected to encourage further widespread movements of people and pressure for migration away from rural areas towards cities and richer countries.

Food production per hectare does not keep pace with increases in population, and the planet has virtually no more arable land or fresh water to spare. As a result, per-capita cropland has shrunk by more than half since 1960, and per capita production of grains, the basic food, has been falling worldwide for 20 years. The rich buy up more land and control most of what the earth is now. We are indeed on a sinking ship



More care more pollution and the world does not care.



So what to do with Haiti and the rest of them wanting handouts. Remember these countries: Sudan, African countries and Haiti recently are totally corrupt. 9 million people who have nothing, got nothing & rely on UN handouts with a corrupt society. For decades the country has received billions in foreign aid. But in the capital city of Port-au-Prince, corruption and rising costs is pushing many in this nation's lower class from poverty into starvation. United States Agency for International Development, known as USAID, American taxpayers send about $200 million a year to help fight the hunger & everything sold is from the USA as the lands have been cleared for agriculture and rains drowned the soil off the slopes-- to nothing. The IMF money went up in smoke & they owe 1.3billion and have nothing to repay?
There should be no help unless the relative governments use preventive contraception to stop their own explosions.


Helping a few this time there will be a next time as well as their population would have doubled again so the giving has been done for what--nothing.


Take for instance Haiti? I note Westpac has signs for donations but bet your life this bank gives nothing yet takes all the cake once they give the donations---why don't they shell out some of their yearly profits. Help Kiwis instead of Haitians and the NGOS & UN keep high salaries and take your share of the money before they get it but they have no ability to ever repay back as the country is totally hadit--period. You can't help these people as the country is run by total corruption and is the poorest country in the world with no hope of survival apart from handouts--its also not the last disaster to happen.



[ World Population cannot sustain ] Are we heading back to recession with $$$ dropping & foreign currencies starting to fall [ World Recession looms ] [ China & Wikileaks move into Africa ] [ China Vs USA finance situation 2010 ] WHY ARE MANUFACTURERS & BUSINESSES LEAVING NZ: [ Read the story ] -[ Compare to Thailand ] & why more factories are heading abroad now. It makes sense.[ Check WHY THAILAND ] is better for Manufacturers & any Kiwi Company.





"You believe me now that the world population needs to be addressed.

Don't tell anyone as most think its untrue & don't give a meow "

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