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Our vendor is looking for a business minded investor or Company to help develop THESE WEBSITES with a team of programmers the websites: thaitrademe.com and asiatrademe.com

This is an excellent start for any developing Company that wants to develop in Asias faster growing buyer population featuring 64 million people in Thailand alone. We have 2 of the best websites and presently run www.thaitrademe.com as a classified website only with our own auction program that has not started. 2012 Sept we want to partner. We are Kiwi owned and have expertise in developing business in Thailand. Be an owner in this great business. Remember trademe.co.nz was sold fo Fairfax for $630m and is a Kiwi success so heres another opportunity to assist us in developing Thailand.

Thailand has one of the largest booming population of buyers and sellers in the whole of Asia. The focus is on attracting established online businesses, manufacturers including retailers, vehicle dealers, travel agents and recruitment agencies plus real estate condo and resort tourism markets but this opportunity has so much to offer in scope and opportunity it is limitless. With English and the Thai language plus any other language platform you will also enjoy our own shipping services that we can provide allowing even more added scope in this competitive market as our main Company also own www.bangkokshipping.com This then allows one to add a distribution setup for buyers & sellers if applicable to the investor. But lets talk---we are in NZ. All inquiries in strict confidence & please only serious investors need apply.

Not only can we assist in setting up the website base in Bangkok but you also have the best internet services, hardware as well as programmers which we can help with. It just needs an investor as the names were purchased well before the sale of trademe.co.nz





Bangkok is a thriving city with 10 million people and most own Iphones or computers. Thailand is the major manufacturing hub in Asia with many many overseas companies now based here for business.eg. CAT, Toyota, Seagate, GM, Myers, Tesco, Big C, Triumph, Ford, etc just to name a few. This is a golden opportunity to be part of the Asian Boom and it is not like the West . Bangkok & Thailand is a thriving metropolis . Just Bangkok alone is huge--it runs 60 miles either way & thats just the city with 8-10m people all into business buying and selling. What better opportunity. 64 million in total and surrounding countries poised to become major hubs adds another 100m people as well here is your opportunity to diverse into the Asian market with an already Kiwi parttnership.

email us for more info as a Partner.

Thailand buys more pickps and Mercedes than any other countries.



The exchange in vehicles trading is phenomenal and the turnover of commodities is out of this world. Thailand exports 4300 FCL containers per day from 2 main entry ports. It also has strong buying power and the services are geared for quick transactions and movements. Thais love to shop---they buy more pickups and Mercedes than any other country---- they love the latest gear & designer wear on the world market & they have cash--a lot more than people think in the west. If this is you and you want to have a base in Thailand or Asia and want a business to complement what youre doing then share with us. To setup you have expertise in the computer fields, low taxation, BOI help if applicable, no headaches with internet services and a better life with profit in the land of smiles.


WE ARE LOOKIING FOR AN INVESTOR TO PARTNERSHIP IN OUR THAI AND ASIA TRADEME WEBSITES.This is a Number one opportunity to develop with us a Thailand and Asia Classified website covering SE Asia on the buy, sell, trade and auction market. We are happy to accommodate any foreigner or Thai willing to commit to assisting us in developing a good solid Classified Auction platform in Thailand. With 64 million people and a manufacturing hub Thailand is new to the ebay internet scene and set to rocket to the top. Remember in NZ trademe.co.nz was sold for $630m to Fairfax Australia and is now listed on the stock exchange so presents one of the best soruces of income in the buy sell market arena. Here is a similar open opportunity for any Classified/auction business person using two of the best website names there is. One can mirror to have 2 websites working at the same time or sole alone. All inquiries in confidence with us and the vendor owner is willing to work with any International company investor to make this a solid partnership. All help will be considered and this is an above board investment one in a life time opportunity.

Be our partner in SE Asia where you have the highest buying power in Asia with over 200m people at your doorstep. This has to be the best investment opportunity around. Our Kiwi owner can assist with all company setip and oversee with you the operation of this business.

Check onward tickets out of Bangkok

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