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Wiring your house IN NEW ZEALAND &





Theres a right way and a wrong way to wire up swtiches and hot points in your home in NZ but check the specs below for the right way.







Some light swtiches like the Arlec you can buy at Bunnings have these designs but they are not marked apart from LOOP (L) & COMMON (C).



A two or three core cable: red & black + green, or brown & blue + green-yellow cable feeds the switch. The third conductor (green or green yellow) is only needed if the lamp requires a safety earth BLACK NEUTRAL (blue) wire goes to the loop terminal, a RED POSITIVE (brown) wire goes to one switch terminal and another from the other side of the switch to the lamp. A further black (blue) comes back from the lamp to join the other black (blue) wire in the loop terminal. The "loop" terminal is just that. It isn't connected to anything inside the switch. It's intended for joining two or more wires which need to be joined.

The "C" terminal is the "Common" of the single pole double throw switch. and "1" and "2" are the two sides. Switch operation gives C-->1 one way, and C-->2 the other way

phase o----"C" "C"--o lamp o--o neutral

If the light fitting has exposed metal that could become live, the green/yellow wire runs up to the lamp and is connected to the earth terminal. Because the cable is usually cut at the light switch, the green/yellow wires are connected together using a blind-end screw connector.
Phase (red or brown) should go to Switch 1 (SW1) C , Light (red or brown) should go to Switch 2(SW2) C , Neutrals (black or blue) should common together (loop). and SW1/1 should connect to SW2/2 and SW1/2 should connect to SW2/1.

Just incase it is not too clear, SW2/1=Switch2 terminal marked 1.
You need "strap wires" 1 - 1 and 2 - 2 between each switch. Live feed phase to C on one switch.
Light circuit phase to the C terminal on the other switch. Also while some switches have terminal 2, its sometimes a dummy that doesnt make a connection unless the switch was purchased as a 2-way.


Common connects only to 1 in switch position "on"
Common connects only to 2 in switch position "off"
Nothing connects to the loop terminal in the switch.
If it's a two way switched circuit, theres normally three wires going into it to the 1, 2, and C terminals (with possibly two others going to the "loop" terminal). The two way switch circuit is simple: two wires connect the 1 and 2 terminals on one switch to the corresponding terminals on the other switch. The lamp and mains are in series between the "C" terminals on the switches. you're not allowed to use normal blue/brown/green-yellow TPS to wire two-way switch circuits anymore, even using coloured sleeving on the ends ; you need "twin phase" wire.


"C"---------o lamp o---------o phase / neutral o-------------"C"


For the right way to wiring your home download the following NZ specs

complete with diagrams etc.



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