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The Chinese are not silly. Hong Kong China wants to develop a $1.5 billion stake in New Zealand’s dairy industry just for starters & kiwis don't or cannot stop them. Once they start the rest will be taken up and then more Chinese will enter NZ employing maybe some NZders but more than likely their own. Auckland lawyer Kerry Knight sadi that New Zealand company UBNZ Assets will buy all 29 Crafar family farms from receiver KordaMentha.

Hong Kong listed company Natural Dairy (NZ) Holdings has 20% shares in UBNZ Assets with 80% ownd by Chinese-born May Wang. Knight represents a trust owned by four New Zealand business directors Sir Ngatata Love, of Wellington, Keith Rushbrook of Auckland and May Wang of Auckland. .

KordaMentha receiver Michael Stiassny said: "They haven't bought our assets." haven't they??

If Overseas Investment Office approves this deal then they too will become culprits in the future who sold NZs farmland and dairy industry. Fonterra chief executive Andrew Ferrier doubts the Chinesew will invest in the dairy industry in NZ but he's wrong. Get a foot hold in NZ then bring your family in and employees ---watch. Its the Chinese way..


The Green Party says the New Zealand dairy industry risks falling into the hands of overseas investors if the Key Government continued "to loosen" overseas investment rules. We cannot stop the Chinese as they will start small then completely take us over. Its called weight of numbers and they have the cash and reserves & in effect the buying power. We need cash and the government doesn't care as the working man contributes nothing to the economy and the beneficiaries are here to day but gone tomorrow as we just can't afford to keep paying benefits out & pensions. We have already sold our country allowing the Brits etc to come into NZ --first off in the late 60s onn the 5 pound voyage then later in years --- bringing cars, boats etc and of course once they sell their homes in the Uk they can now buy 2 homes in NZ. Its simple maths. Sell one car and presto that will buy a business or even another home if you had of brought your Ferrari or Porsche into NZ duty free as well and as we all know cars are cheap in the UK & NZ allowed importing to be easy hence all the cheap cars for sale???

Then the Chinese wanted out of Hongkong and many bought their tickets to NZ married for cash then bought homes etc and then realized after China wasn't going to take it over without making an economic zone, thus protecting the island?? they weren't too bad off after all. But again we needed expertise so they say as more kiwis left for Aussie or jobs overseas so the govt said it needed to fill the vacuum & in marched more from other countries including the Somalis to appease the USA and other refugees that noone wanted. It was only a matter of time before foreigners in business take us over and the poor kiwi --well they can look forward to no retirement benefit soon as the country is broke & just can't afford to pay the penison. So it has to open up its doors, sell the land and let them in. Thats why its called weight of numbers & its too damn late to reverse it now. Its called money $$$$$$$$$ rule so who cares & why NZ is so expensive to live.

Don't get me wrong the Chinese are not interested in our mutton as they hate the smell of it so can't see them taking over sheep farms unless they can be turned around for Dairy or some other biz. Many kiwis have tried to sell lamb but they hate mutton or lamb---the smell that is. But will they buy our land for other reasons --like to bring there families out to live down under for instance & then will need their cousins to work the land as Kiwis are too expensie to employ. Your guess is as good as mine but NZ is no longer that the country that was.We have virtually sold everything so now we are renting.




China's next moves from 2012 [ China, Taiwan & the world ] WHY ARE MANUFACTURERS & BUSINESSES LEAVING NZ: [ Read the story ] -[ Compare to Thailand ] & why more factories are heading abroad now. It makes sense.[ Check WHY THAILAND ] is better for Manufacturers & any Kiwi Company. Why NZ is lost [ NZ Deficit increases ] Yes we owe money????? [ Government $250m a week borrowing ] [ Kiwisaver ] [ Kiwisaver good or bad Providers ] [ World population exploding ]

"You won't regret moving to Thailand believe mef"

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