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Under national poverty has sky rocketed. Living in Auckland under national years caused more and more homelessness in the city and in the suburbs. What was Nationals great Ideas?  Just sit back and let immigrants buy up property? Let the hospitals fall apart.  Let the schools become severely under staffed. Labor has no answer's but National caused more harm than good. 

HNZ allow a widow in her 60’s to live alone in a 3 bedroom state house. Time to free up family homes for family, single people should have a one bedroom not a 3 bedroom family home




Its no fun not having enough money to live in NZ and if youre renting then its even worse or you have that big fat mortgage you can't seem to get rid of!! If this is you then heres some ways to get out of that rut & those with small families you need to cut corners to survive. Only the rich can save?



FFor the average Kiwi family that have a one income support family life is and will be hard now as at 2019. To look at the day to day living the prices of utilities and food keep climbing and as our meat & dairy exports get better prices so the consumer must suffer. Here are a few tips that Kiwi families should think about in their weekly and monthly budgets I know its hard but we all have to make sacrifices & Kiwis seem to not face up to reality.






1/. If you own a house the mortgage is priority and the longer you take to pay if off the worse it will get as interest rates  will climb this year. Remember this: borrow $10,000 then double it then halve it again and this is what you pay the bank back ($25,000) immaterial of the interest rate and inflation. Now work out how much you have borrowed then you will see the hole you have created especially if only one of you is on an income. As always everyone who borrows signs and never reads the fine print as they are elated at receiving the loan ---but hidden away you will find interest rates can change, your circumstances will change & what lays ahead is no man's land of not knowing what will happen.

2/. Do you have credit cards and if so can rid of them?? You are only making the banks wealthy, & the job easier for you making you bone lazy---- you do not need one. You will fall deeper into a rut if you do not stop your credit cards NOW.


3/. Do you have SKY TV and do you need to watch repeats --- do you use internet for games & music then can them all and start doing up your home like the garden etc and go with free TV 3 channels and watch just enough to relax and not be dependant on. Be active & look at other interests?


4/. Do you have a garden and do you pay to have someone mow your lawns. If so try digging up the lawns and grow your own veges! & sign off the gardener


5/. Get out of the house and have your children join sports clubs and do the same yourself & take more interest in your childrens sports but look in the mirror and ask yourself what happened!!! over the last 20 years to your body!!!. Maybe even go to Church—it does no harm but believing does help.


6/. Don’t mope at home feeling sorry for your situation—you knew it would happen as you have only woken up to the grim  budget reality story. Many who borrow think its easy --of course the first year with a mortgage is but then once your car breaks down & you have no way to go to work or get the groceries; or your hot water cylinder breaks down or your bread winnewr has an accident --then things can change dramatically. Now with a bit of pride in yourself you can overcome this depression by being aware such things can happen and you can perhaps look at ways of saving a little for this occurrance.


7/. Keep active & cut things back you feel are unnecessary like newspapers, expensive TV, telephone mobile, etc. The newspapers are just another way of telling you how sad NZ is & who needs to know certainly not you ---join the library and read interesting articles. Its free & it keeps your brain focused more.


8/. How many cars do you have and are they economical; do you own push bikes?? do you need 2 cars --of course you don't. Get rid of the extra car and empty out what you don't need.


9/. Look at alternate power, gas for heating and cooking and get rid of your oven and electric jug, microwave etc all  items that use so a lot of electricity.
Get your husband to look at alternate hot water etc and make use of the time you have to try to make life better by thinking of ways to save & cut costs. Such ideas once you see the results will liven you up. Get rid of downlights & over 60watt lightbulbs and replace with flourescent lights which use less electricity.


10/. Stop eating pies, Big Macs and coke etc. Drink more water and get rid of the toxins & weight. Kiwis eat too much bread, junk food, fish & chips etc and cheap foods like sausages—its time to exercise --- its time to grow your garden & eat fresh veges especially in summer ---believe me growing veges is fun when you see what comes on steam.


11/. Take your lunch to work --make sandwiches, salads, eat plenty of fruit and of course you have your garden for lettuce and tomatoe, cucumber sandwiches & buy a thermos & make up fruit drinks instead of buying fizz. Water is FREE and good for you.


12/. Look at all your outgoings and try to check ways to reduce them. Keep a diary and cost sheet of what youre buying, eating and paying out for utilities.


13/. For those of you who are renting with families then it will be hard indeed as landlords want more and more and you find it difficult to budget each weeks pay packet. But remember you should have thought of these things before you have too many children as its not fair on them with trying to save. Look at rentals close to town, schools and workplace so you do not have to use the car or need a car.


14/. Surround yourself with good friends not the ones in competition with their neighbour who want more or boast of their achievements.


15/. Lay off the cigarettes and the booze --- it never helps anyone and can lead to b reakups.


NZ families are slowly having the doors shut but where theres a will theres a way!!!!!



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"Time to budget & get rid of those credit cards "

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