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Its no fun trying to buy a packet of fags in NZ on a budget, but like many who can't shake the drug habit, nicotene has taken over many kiwis who are being bitten by a $12 packet of fags 1-2 per day ---- to succumb to an early life & a drug thats even worse than those killed in world wars. Like the ad says they get away with murder yet gunja smokers get jail??? & Governments turn a blind eye. but you can beat it-- Quit today, give up smoking & here's ways to help you for FREE,

For the average Kiwi NZ Maori has a high cancer rate and have more smokers than most. Its sad to see and no mean feat to cut out the abuse of smoking but mnay Kiwis smoke and want but cannot give it up. “The tobacco industry is the greatest killing organization in the world. The harm done by all the armies in the world combined, will not begin to equal the damage inflicted upon the human race by the combined activity of the cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors of tobacco.”—Dr. Jesse M. Gehman, Smoke Over America



Smoking cigarettes is the worst drug worse than marijuana yet the Governments earn more from taxes than many other items. Tobacco companies lie about the nicotene content of cigs and their lobbies are so strong noone dares go against them. This is a world problem as in USA alone 440,000 people die from cig related illnesses per year and in NZ cancer rate soar from cig smokers. In China 100,000 people die just being around smokers?


Heres a few ways to try:

1/. Nicotene is a drug narcotic and addictive--this is why you wake up in the morning and the first thing you need is a fag. Now think about your mouth and how flowery it feels then think about your bad breath. I just don't mean when you wake up but all the time! This is how I gave up the fags --I hated having a flowery mouth?? and my clothes stunk.

2/. Think about those who have passed away due to smoking. This may help. If you have children think of the time you are not spending with them or your attitude towards them when you have nothing to smoke.

3/. Aim for a date, write it down and stick to it. Many people have quit and so can you.

4/.The hardest thing to control is when the drug wants another fix eg smoke --- try eating lollies, drinking some water and going for a short run and think of good things to try to overcome the nicotene want. If you have some gum start chewing as bet you never did this when you smoke?

5/. If you are female and having a baby think of your baby and the impact it will have --you smoking.

6/. Think of how many cigs day you smoke then equate that into how many per year then how much you have spent in that year. Thinking about how to combat this nicotene poisoning is paramount as you need to have a shield of protection against this drug just as the drug wants you.

7. Be active. It when youre bored or you are not doing things that you want to pick up another smoke.

8/. Tell yourself how dirty you feel, how your clothes smell, how your car is a tobacco pit, how your house need s to be cleaned and air dried and how your kids must feel living in a house full of smoke.

9/. When you try to do cold turkey you will crave for a smoke but this is the sugar requirement of nictine wanting so make sure you have drinks ready to ease the craving. These cravings are only momentary and will pass. Remember you are fighting the nicotene drug and you can do it---- many have already done it and enjoy life. Make sure you have things in your hand to play with even a pen and write or book and read but play ball but just have something in your hands to stop you getting the fag out its dreaded pack

10/. If youre not active and want to be--- hey its will power and you have that! Get out of the daily routine habits of coffe breaks and one fag. If you drink stop as normally one smoke to one glass in a pub---give it a miss. If your work mates smoke then time to play out & say no thanks--change your habit is good.

11/. Think of the dollars you are wasting each week and what your kids are missing out on.

Kiwis are tough --stop smoking and be alive!!!!!


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"Time to budget & get rid of those credit cards "

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