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We use Pengallys to export your goods out of New Zealand from any port of entry or Inter Airport like Christchurch, Wellington or Auckland and offer full export documentation. They can pick up your goods and arrange full customs clearance including packing and shipping to any destination in the World. If you are sending home from Bangkok then ask us : www.bangkokshipping.com




SEA FREIGHT: The minimum package if sending by Sea Freight is 1cbm WHICH IS 1M X 1M X 1M. All LCL ( lower than container level cargo) and we pack in wood crates.


The minimum air freight service is 45kgs. Under this you pay to the 45kg weight. If over 1m long then its volume x weight which can be expensive. Transport services are expensive in NZ moreso then a return into NZ.



Personal Effects arriving by Sea freight

As above, personal belongings arriving via sea require an Unaccompanied Personal Baggage Declaration (NZCS 218).(164 Kb) A detailed packing list should include all items in the consignment. A good tip is to number boxes or packages and make a list of the items inside.  

Full containers, privately imported goods or personal effects arriving in a sea container also require a Sea Container Quarantine Declaration(20 Kb) which must be presented to MAFBNZ Clearance Service. The declaration should then be signed by a manager of the packing or exporting facility. At the exporting facility the container will need to be inspected internally and externally and found free of contaminants.. The declaration also states what type of packing materials and wood packaging were used.

If the container is to be unpacked at a private residence, the container must be placed on a hard sealed area. Consignments of personal effects shipped as LCL or FCL must be inspected at a transitional facility, not a residence, if inspection is required.Before you send goods to NZ ask MAF the alternatives to have your goods inspected if MAF needs to inspect.


Importing cars into the NZ theres now a law change to do with exhaust emissions (how clean the engine burns) and must have a 3 digit emissions code. 
If unfamiliar please refer to 


Its hard to get an exemption from NZTA if it is not a Special Interest vehicle or older than 20 years . You also need a Jevic odo check certificate



Try to work out how many cubic metres you need to ship. Min 1cbm and this means 1m x1m x1m. LCL = MEANS LOWER THAN CONTAINER LEVELS. Over 1cbm the price gets cheaper so the more you do the cheaper it becomes. Remember transport costs are expensive in NZ so get full costs first. Our parent company can do any clearing in Thailand BUT WE CAN ARRANGE ALL SHIPMENTS OUT OF NZ WHETHER IT BE CHRISTCHURCH, AUCKLAND OR WELLINGTON plus offer good priced transport services.


PLEASE READ [ Shipping services ] [ Seafreight Bill of Lading ] [ Shipping to NZ ] [ Shipping Containers ]


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