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The NZ situation. Can you believe a Truck roof cost to patch 2 x 4" patches and 5 minor welds & undercoated only (we have missed one spot along the passenger guttering ---but that took 15 hours @ a rate of $50 per hour in levin cost the trucker over $NZ 900. The areas were primed, the patches not covered up just ground down so you can still see the patches clear as day but Om its on a truck roof & its a work horse---but still!@!!. The crazy thing is there were other rust spots on the roof and the Panel shop couldn't even sand and patch those in the deal --a total rip off we think. The welds were not filled which made his job easy. The roof still needs to be sanded back, more rust removed, bog filled on the patched work then rust prevention, primer, and finishing coat.

Well then we have decided those truckers who need quick patch up job for COF can get a better service than what out friend just got for well under 1/2 of the price quoted. Now we are talking. Our contracting friends can now assist truckers in our area or even out of our area with fill welding services and patchup GOOD jobs that will get you the COF at the testing station far cheaper than what these monkeys are wanting. Quick REPAIRS ASK US










So why do Kiwis get charged so much. Ok admittedly to paint and panel---- paint is very expensive in NZ infact over the moon as it changes hands too many times so to buy @ $34 per 500ml of finishing paint --- then thinners at $26-36 for 4 litres and primer $55 a litre then your power say $10 with the rest being the hourly rate charged as sand paper etc included. Sure we know that but the min cost for panel work is hourley @ $50 a an hour.A small dent to finish is $200 normally so that give you an idea of cost ( most big panel shops would charge double)--- hey and if insurance jobs what do you think they can charge. OK we already know Transport charges around $2.79 per km so just think to get a 12 tonne excavator from Auckland to Wellington must cost a few thousand!!!!!!!!!!!



NZ contractors getting ripped off by those increasing OSH rules to having their trucks panel and painted at over priced costs. Can they win or do their prices keep going up as the local tips fees are now $125---yet noone makes a formal complaint and this is the problem with NZders. Everyone is out for the buck.

Now check the above

"Man some of these panel shops are over the top. I can do better & cheaper "



[ Check WHY THAILAND ] is better for Manufacturers & any Kiwi Company. Why NZ is lost [ NZ Deficit increases ] Yes we owe money????? & we will owe more [ Transmission Gully Impact costs ] --[ Compare to Thailand ] & why more factories are heading abroad now. It makes sense. Will [ NZders lose out ] [ Kiwisaver ] [ Kiwisaver good or bad Providers ] in 2010 as prices increase even more. [ Levin town dying ]

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[ NZ 1080 poisoning our wildlife, birds, & insects 2019 ]

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