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The world recession has done nothing to stop the service and goods costs in New Zealand going sky high; properties increasing & a subprime ghost that never happened. If you have money then you are OK. If you have made your money in the property boom great for you but its the developers, finance companies, greedy brokers & banks who have done the greatest harm and in so doing have created a tightrope for the normal house and farm owners. Now we have new rules on what one can do on their property--- its called you dig a hole and you pay as we the Council need more money. Areas and suburbs that were undervalued are now over valued and this effect naturally hikes up all other costs including Council rates of course. If you have a higher paying job then youre OK but if you are on the breadline like many kiwis, paying a mortgage or paying off cars etc then think ahead as it is only going to get more difficult so just have what you need. If youre young leave NZ as theres no hope of you ever paying a house off in NZ during your life time unless you win lotto. The cost of living just doesn't allow it to happen & you will indebt your kids. When you borrow heres the ratio: double it--- halve it again and thats what you pay these miserable banks back immaterial of the interest rates or inflation eg. $10,000 = $25,000. The Banks don't care and were not affected by the subprime as they will lend to everyone anytime with no regulatory action by governments in place. They benefit the most as any that had problems the government bails them out by guarantees. The NZ Government has deficit problems and is in the red & owes $$$$$$B & is not abiding by their "I will do this and that" promises?




Those developers like Blue Chips and Hanover still keep their stakes as theres no regualations stopping them & nothing wrong with what they did & more Finance companies will spring alive to take their place. But hey, you invest in these "banks" its like a jackpot lottery--you can lose it all as well!!!! as those have done by sheer greed in Hanover etc---the investors wanted a little bit more than what the banks could offer with zero security so their bad luck!!! and they only have themselves to blame as they took the risk for shear capital gain, nothing else. In cases like Hanover etc their are no rules as to what these guys can take out as service costs or salaries & even with Ngai Tahu Soloman the CEO pays himself what he likes. But then we have Hanover being taken over by Allied & again the shareholders had no option it seemed but to go along with it. Little did they know that the same 2 Hanover directors are now due for yet another payput of $5m each & it appears Allied has found anomolies which is not surprising as Hanover failed to administer its assets properly. In March 2010 Shares in Allied Farmers took a tumble after the company announced its finance arm's first credit rating and shareholders digested a huge fall in asset value from the Hanover and United Future purchase. Allied value of the assets more than halved in value, falling from $396.2 million when they were bought in December to $175.5 million. Allied Nationwide Finance has been given a BB-minus long-term credit rating with a negative outlook from Standard and Poors, below the rating needed to be in the Government's extended deposit guarantee scheme come October--so there you go. In the meantime both Hanover directors Mark Hotchin and Eric Watson have moved overseas to await for their 5m cash bonanza ( Allied won't [ay) & the shareholders lose yet again---well they should have listened to Bruce Sheppard after all--- & thats business in NZ. Remember Fay Richwright????

The National Government has to borrow billions just to balance the books & ACC is $6 Billion in the red plus they have to settle the Waitangi Claims and more. The Labour Government changed every rule in the book creating admin depts that now far outweigh what they even manage and whom want more money as their appetite increases. The welfare state is in overdrive. The stupid Act party Rodney Hyde did what he was against & got caught for spending on overseas trips & it doesn't stop there & other MPs flaunted the system for themselves. Even Bill English & the Trust property episode but then the craziest was Shane Jones using his CC to pay for porn in his hotel --- thats what we vote for and thats what these ordinary kiwis will do.

The average farmer is now tied to new rules on what they can do on their farms & the poor old market gardener cannot even spray the right ingredients thanks to the greenies & the dumb policies set by the forever beaurocrats. Then the truck'y has less time with mum struggling with RUC charges & competition from the big guys who are dominating the bidding with Councils--although in Levin this is about to change Dec 2009. Fulton Hogan can make a good profit & the small guys suffer. Why, well the Councils want to use one outfit as it suits them rather than smaller guys as more bookwork yet Councils can not even balance their books & have CEOs for heck knows what? Also many beaurocrats in NZ like the stupid "Smack the kid Act" of dopey Sue Bradford want to leave their legacy behind and NZ must change as it is blind to try to get its act together as more laws pass yet people struggle. But now we have the government wanting to bring in more immigrants so where does that leave the average Kiwi family.

In New Zealand we no longer have a political system decided by "first past the post". In other words, the majority of votes for any one particular party used to decide who will be exclusively in power. We now have a system of "proportional representation." That means, any party that has at least 5% of the vote, can be represented in our parliament. The greater the %, the more seats they can occupy. That should mean, in theory, that a spectrum of political views drives government policy. (real democracy) Sadly, in reality, it becomes 'government by commitee' with much time spent horse trading, giving favours etc etc to push through legislation - often watered down to appease the various parties. And yet the really important issues are still be decided in the back room by a powerful few. Plus, despite minor parties also being represented, (i.e Greens, ethnics) the party holding the most seats (although not necesarily with a unassailable ruling majority) comes from either the left or the right.

Although this system suggests 'everyone has a say' only 63% of NZers voted in the last election.(it's a legal requirement you have to register but not have to vote). That goes back to the point that either people are apathetic or simply feel powerless over forces beyond their control.

In NZ we have no private Universities or major educational institutions. (a few very minor exceptions) All funding comes from the government. So you can imagine if, as a Professor etc you critisise government policy too harshly, dont expect any future adequate funding, a deserved promotion or a lucrative appointment to government body. Then they give Helen Clarke an award for being a PM & what she did was make a welfare state more dependant on the state. And they call this democracy!!!!! Well, a democracy of sorts but one which, in reality, makes the people powerless on many levels.

In fact its really too late to reverse everything as people want more wages, say nothing yet goods and services won't drop.

NZ companies are on the move bigtime!!!!!

NZ'ders are walking on a tightrope and whatever they think, the government never listens and voicing ones opinions may get a a second rate spot on the third page of the daily but who cares. Once they initiate they will not negotiate as then that MP will be downtrodden for making a wrong answer? ACC levies for motorcyclists the government sit back and watch the bikes, say nothing, then still pass the laws they want & the bikies just go back to work talking about the nice ride the day before. We have virtually sold our country to outsiders & money men and are dominated by CEOs overseas companies like telecom and Internet companies who charge high fees for Internet usage and downloads whereas other countries are not like this. Even the Maori tribes can't control their power games with Ngai Tahu CEO Soloman sets his own salary and the real owners get nothing. Cry foul and still nothing happens so where does the shareholding come into being--- well it doesn't? However read on and then see what Thailand has done for its people and you'll see why NZ lost the plot when they opened up land ownership to overseas interests and allowed a free for all.

Today 2010: Service costs are outrageous. eg Ok not their fault: but Tonys tire service charges $30 just to take the tyre off a rim and change it with balancing= 5 minutes work that used to cost $5. The Plumber & Lineman charges $50 & $110 respectfully for an outcall - then charges up to $50 an hour to hook your pipes up or electricity box. Builders want $45-75 per hour & building suppliers are not changing their prices using the steel hike as the reasons behind the high cost of nails when in fact the steel prices have dropped. Try to buy a 5kg bag of 5" nails--- anywhere from RD1 = $39 to the same nails in Mitre 10 near $60 and Creightons @ $81 for the same thing in Levin. Some of these companies have sales tactics and monthly sales aims so the more the salesman sells the more money he can make. Put the prices up and meet that goal easy but does that make the householder any better?

Try buying paint or spray paint and a 500ml tin costs $30. PA-10 red oxide for anywhere to $50 for 1litre so we see many houses unpainted due to the cost? and when you can buy 20 litres in Thailand for 800 baht ($40). Spary painters and panel beaters have to pay horrendous costs for spray paint and thinners etc so a $100 touch up is no more as a 500ml of lacquer is $33 for starters?? and by the time you use undercoat, putty, time to take your $100 is meted away.

Ok we have the Warehouse but try to wear one of their Chinese gumboots and see how many weeks they last before they open up by your big tow---and the list goes on. Now we have Ratings agency Standard and Poor's having put South Canterbury Finance's BBB- rating on CreditWatch negative, a move that could strip the Timaru based finance company of its coveted investment grade rating and unsettle many investors with NZ$1.7 billion of South Canterbury debentures. Will they become another Hanover"??? lets wait and see how 2010 goes and will it bring uncertainty. Hey but it is 2010 and look what happening--electricity up, ACC levies up, dairy products all increased & now petrol July 2010.

However [ Read July News 2010 ] [ Finance Companies July 2010 ] [ Finance Report 2010 ] [ Property Report July 2010 ] [ Crafer Dairy Report 2010 ] [ Kiwisaver good or bad Providers ] [ George Soros Mortgage answers March 2010 ]


WHY ARE MANUFACTURERS & BUSINESSES LEAVING NZ: [ Read the story ] The issues are economics nothing else and many a time the owner is blamed for moving when in fact he has no say in the matter otherwise he will go bust. However read the reasons why NZ has lost the plot ---[ Compare to Thailand ] & why more factories are heading abroad now. It makes sense.[ Check WHY THAILAND ] is better for Manufacturers & any Kiwi Company. Why NZ is lost [ NZ Deficit increases ] [ China buying us ] Yes we owe money????? [ Government $250m a week borrowing ] [ Kiwisaver ] [ Kiwisaver good or bad Providers ] [ Transmission Gully Impact costs ] [ NZders lose out ] [ Benefit cuts good or meaningless ] [ Quit smoking-heres how ] [ Levin Business dying ] [ Kiwi Family Savings Plan ] [ Waitarere fishing Contest Easter ] [ Property Report May 2010 ] [ Truck panel & Paint ] [ Electric Power Increase ] [ World population exploding ]

"You won't regret moving to Thailand believe mef"

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